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India Frames Rules for Dog Breeding and Sales

In order to check illegal trade in pet dogs, the environment and forests
ministry Wednesday finalised the rules for breeding and selling canines.

The Dog Breeding and Sales Rules have been formulated to be enforced under
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

According to the ministry, breeding, marketing and sale of dogs has come to
stay as a high-level commercial venture in India, involving thousands of
breeders and pet shops in the multi-crore rupee industry.

“An enormous need has emerged for lakhs of pups of specific breeds or half
breeds from pet owners, most of whom are ignorant of the basics of
health-care and management of dogs. This has resulted in unscrupulous
breeders and pet shops selling pups that are poor in breed standards,
unhealthy and diseased, resulting in heavy mortality or weaklings that are
ill-treated,” the ministry noted.

Explaining the need for the dog breeding rules, the ministry said it will
regulate the welfare of dogs kept in breeding premises.

“The law will extend powers of inspection of such premises and regulate the
sale of dogs and pups,” it said.

Under the rules, dog owners keeping dogs for breeding must obtain a licence
from a civic authority and the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI).

The rules also talk about the environment that should be provided to pets at
breeding centres.

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