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Celebrity Choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar Extends Support to PAWS !*

Famous choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar today extended his support to Plants & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) in Thane district. In an exclusive testimonial written to Plants & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS), the Jodha Akbar choreographer expressed his heartfelt gratitude referring it as one of the die-hard NGOs that stood on its feet in spite of all the hard times.

In this era of recession where companies are facing the brunt of economic crisis and professionals seeing the ugly face of lay-offs, NGOs that primarily run on donations are also facing the heat. For the past 5 years, PAWS Thane has been running a couple of ambulances for injured animals covering the entire suburbs of Thane district and Mumbai. Recently, the situation aroused where ambulance service had come to a halt due to shortage of funds, says Nilesh Bhanage, Honorary President of PAWS Thane. PAWS boasts a record of treating over 8000 animals till date and a Limca Book of Records to its credit as well. This is not the first time that Nilesh acquired a Bollywood celeb to act as a benefactor for the young NGO. The list of Bollywood patrons includes some of the big names like John Abraham, Hema Malini, Anju Mahendroo, Abhay Deol, Seema Rehmani and Ruby Bhatia.
Nilesh Bhanage
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