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Progress for Egg-Laying Hens in India

Arguably the most abused animals in agribusiness, the vast majority of laying hens in India are crammed into tiny cages so restrictive they can't even spread their wings.

Starvation force molting, widely practiced in egg production facilities throughout India, deprives egg-laying hens of food for up to 14 days and may be combined with one to two days of water deprivation, in order to manipulate the egg laying cycle.

HSI's "No Battery Eggs" facts/india_factory_farming.html  campaign works with food retailers to phase out the use of eggs from birds confined in cages. Further, in in 2011, we pledged to end the use of starvation force molt regimes in Indian egg production facilities.

Here are just a few notable advances:

2011: The Animal Welfare Board of India called for the 2011/03/india_molt_ban_031011.html  immediate discontinuation of starvation force molt regimes, and 22 states followed up with plans to implement the order, or to confirm that the practice is not used in their state.

2011: four_seasons_mumbai_020911.html  Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, ramada_delhi_cage_free_032111.html  Hotel Ramada Plaza in New Delhi, 2011/01/ravindran_cage_free_011811.html  Chef Mako Ravindran in Bangalore and many other Indian retailers adopted cage-free procurement policies.

2011: Happy Hens Farm became the first egg producer in India to label eggs as "free range."

2011: HSI co-organized several hen welfare seminars and informed producers of opportunities in cage free egg production.

2010: 2010/02/crowne_plaza_eggs_021110.html  Crowne Plaza Gurgaon became the first retailer in India to adopt a cage-free procurement policy. It was quickly followed by Delhi-based restaurant india_restaurant_cagefree_031610.html  Hao Shi Nian Nian.

2010: 2010/08/dalai_lama_eggs_083110.html HH the Dalai Lama condemned cage confinement of egg-laying hens.

2009: HSI held the first in a series of civil society workshops aimed at bangalore_workshop_091509.html building the movement against factory farming, and launched a farm_animal_media_campaign_100809.html  media campaign to help farm animals.

2008: 04/india_eggs_kegg_040208.html Kegg Farms became the first egg producer in India to label eggs as "cage-free."

2008: Indian egg industry leaders indian_egg_industry_cage-free_061008.html  traveled to the U.S. to explore cage-free housing systems for hens.

2008: hsi_celebrates_chickens_051209.html International Respect for Chickens Day, now an annual event, was celebrated for the first time.

2007: HSI became a welcome participant in animal industry expos within India, and was invited to submit articles on humane poultry production to major industry publications.

2007: HSI's "No Battery Eggs" facts/india_factory_farming.html  campaign was launched in India.

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