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Animal Abuse in Iran

This is what happens in a small ZOO (Animals' Prison) in North of Iran. The Lions are fed with alive donkey
It is forbidden to keep dogs at home in Iran. If they see someone with his/her dog in the streets they are taking the dog from the owner and put it in a special Jail in very bad conditions. But, it is surprising that various type of Dogs are being imported freely to the country and being sold in small cages even in a famous express way. More surprising that the same authorities who are taking the dogs away from the owners are always present in the place and will not complain or forbid selling of them. In this famous express-way the dogs are being treated very badly by the sellers and small puppies are being killed at the end of the night, if not sold!!!

Look how they are treating this poor creature before killing Stray Dog Killing in Iran


In this photo you can see how the rare wild life animals are being treated by Iranians. In Quran it is clearly written the Muslim should not kill or sacrifice animals in front of each other, just look how they respect their Holy book in Iran.

One of the thousand of homeless Dogs, hanged by cruel human being in Tabriz (Iran).

Here we see a cat whose skull is about to cut open for some experiment at the Iranian dental research center. There are only superficial similarities between different species' teeth!

Undercover footage taken in a dental research center in Isfahan (Iran). Here we see a cat and a rabbit prior to being subjected to some nonsensical brutal experimentation. Studying the mouths and teeth of rabbits and cats to help humans?

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