Dear ARAN Supporters, Members, Friends and Groups;

We're excited and delighted to release our long-awaited, 'Adopt - Don't Buy' celebrity ad with Jedward, and of course, it could not have come at a better time with just days to go before Jedward battle it out in Dusseldorf, Germany, for Eurovision 2011. The ´┐ŻLipstick' duo are featured in the lovely new ARAN ad encouraging their fans to adopt and NEVER buy. In the ad, Jedward are cheek-to-cheek with a rescued dog, Chilly Willy, who happens to be one of Linda Martin's rescued dogs. Linda is also an Irish celebrity and longtime ARAN supporter, who also happens to have roughly 19 rescued dogs. Earlier this year, she herself appeared in an ARAN anti-fur ad. Watch her interview for the campaign on Ireland AM, click videos.php-video=31355&locID=1.65.74&date=2011-01-18&date_mode=&page=1&show_cal=&newspanel= &showspanel=&web_only=&full_episodes=

Already media outlets have been running the ad. An exclusive went out in today's Irish Sunday Mirror and many radio stations doing promos over the last week, including an exclusive on Spin FM, enabling us to speak about cruelty to animals, and of course, encouraging people everywhere, to always spay and neuter your dog & cat. UK media have also started picking up on the ad.

It's no laughing matter; figures released by the Department of the Environment to ARAN this week show that over 5,000 dogs continue to be euthanized in Irish pounds, again, for lack of homes. This number is a merefraction of the overall number of animals who die on the streets due to starvation, disease, and cruelty from children and thugs looking to get a sick-kick from abusing a helpless, afraid animal. ARAN's new ad aims to bring attention to the serious and unnoticed fact that many thousands of healthy dogs are killed in Irish pounds every year, all because of a lack of good homes and because people are buying from puppy breeders, unaware that for every dog bought, they kill the chances of survival for a homeless animal in need. In an interview with Irish Daily Mail newspaper, ARAN called on people to stop buying from breeders and to always adopt.

Please be sure to post this ARAN's new ad up on your Facebook page and encourage all your friends, co-workers and family to post it on theirs too, and help educate countless people about the importance of spaying and neutering. Please encourage them to get active for animals too and to log onto ARAN.IE to sign up and become active.

If you are from an Irish or overseas animal protection, rights or welfare group and would like to post a high-res image of our new ad on your website, please feel free to contact  for a copy, or reply to this email.

Please be sure to forward this exciting news and Jedward image to everyone you know and everyone on your mailing list.

Over the coming weeks, ARAN will be completing our new look ARAN.IE, so please stay tuned for further information on our upcoming events, demonstrations (watch-v=KSwckANlG0g) of course ways you can take action to help stop cruelty to animals.

Thank you, as always, for your longtime and consistent support of all that we do to help animals. We just could not do it without you.


'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

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