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ARAN update, March 2008

April 2008
Dear ARAN Members,

They often say a picture is worth a thousands words, but a video is....! Each and every day somewhere across Ireland ARAN's message is been brought to countless people. We help to expose them to the systematic abuse of animals and we show how they too can make a positive difference. Not only does ARAN organize professional lobbying, peaceful protests, media campaigns and effective street awareness, but we also work in schools and universities across Ireland.

The uniqueness about ARAN's work here in Ireland is that we are a national animal rights group working across the country raising awareness of cruelty to animals and empowering everyone to make a difference. We have just completed another school awareness day on our 'Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland' campaign and we caught some interesting footage for you to see of the students engaging in our class, please click here <> .

These educational outreach activities are made possible thanks to a special group of ARAN members who donate to Animal Rights Action Network and who help make much of what you see possible. Please do enjoy the short video and be sure to share it with others, together we really are making a huge difference!

Thank you for your continued support of ARAN

Dear ARAN Members & Supporters,

We are delighted to report that our peaceful protest to raise awareness of Canada's seal slaughter was a huge success, yesterday March 9th, in Dublin. Now in its fifth year, our protest this year took place outside the General Post Office on Dublin's busiest main O'Connell Street. Some 45 members and supporters of Animal Rights Action Network (which is pretty large for an Irish animal rights demo) came and went between 1 and 3pm to join in with holding eye catching banners and placards, whilst many others gave out educational leaflets that are sure to make a huge impact for many of the people who were lucky to get one. Many young people also took leaflets and asked questions. Our campaign event was also featured on some of Ireland's radio stations throughout Sunday afternoon, again raising awareness of the cruel seal hunt and was also featured in today's Irish Daily Mirror going
out to tens of thousands of people. During the very energetic and lively demo, members chanted 'No excuse for animal abuse' 'boycott Canada' we also distributed information on particularly boycotting Canadian seafood as this is on sale in many Irish supermarkets, it's agreed that it may be the only way the Canadian government will listen. We were also joined by a Canadian ARAN member now living in Ireland, Katharine Keoghan, who has become active with ARAN's work in Dublin and who is sickened by Canada's cruel slaughter of the innocent.

Year on year our demo for the Canadian seals continues to grow. We are sure you will agree it's important to be on the streets raising awareness of cruelty to animals and the Canadian seal hunt, speaking with people and showing them what the Canadian government are so desperate to hide. This year we seeing many new ARAN members turning up for their very first protest in which they truly enjoyed being apart of -- of course many attending where also long time members who are active helping to promote the campaign to stop cruelty to animals in general. It was a great event that was fun, lively and welcoming!

Luckily for many other ARAN members and supporters who could not make it for one reason or another, we did take pictures (attached) and a short video clipping here with some of the members who took part in a photocall for the press. All in all a huge success once again, thanks to your dedicated support for our campaigns, we are growing stronger and stronger week by week and for good reason as the industries we are up against are many - so please, be very proud to be supporting a national organization devoted to ending cruelty to animals. Thank you very much for your continued support of Animal Rights Action Network and i look forward to joining with you again in a future Animal Rights Action Network event coming soon.

Shane Kiely

Grassroots Outreach for Limerick
Animal Rights Action Network
'Fighting Animal Abuse Across Ireland'

Ps, please enjoy the attached video clip and some pictures - these will also be available on our website very soon.

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