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Animal Rights Action Network has just released heartbreaking undercover footage obtained directly inside an Irish pig breeding facility in Ireland. The footage is today front page headlines in The Irish Sun.

The horrific footage shows cruelty to pigs, including a grown adult pig, which, in the video appears to be prolapsing, (her insides hanging out from her anus). The pig is repeatedly hit forcefully over the head, crushing her skull as she screams in pain, whilst continuing to be violently hit with a sledgehammer by the employees at the facility. One employee that works there, claims this way of killing the animals is an every day occurrence and is the normal way to do so at the facility-although not legal by any standards-this way of killing the animals helps to save costs without calling for a vet to 'humanely' kill the pigs that the facility feels they cannot sell onto slaughterhouses in Ireland and abroad. During the investigation many baby piglets have been found dead with their skulls all bashed in, ironically killed in the very same way. This way of killing pigs that are unwanted violates Irish animal welfare laws. ARAN has furnished the Department of Agriculture in Dublin with the findings of the investigation, after a lengthy meeting with department officials nothing yet has came about. The Gardai are now investigating the matter further. Irish media outlets have also came out supporting our finding's.

Some other footage obtained inside the facility include:-

* Workers were seeing smashing the head of a live grown adult pig whom appears to be pro-lapsing with a sledgehammer, the animal continues to take the blows of the hammer whilst screaming in pain, before she eventually drops to the ground and convulses, all this been watched by employees of the facility. * A Truck full of dead baby piglets whilst another grown pig lies dead for up to two days as stated by the investigating employee. * Dead piglets lie among live piglets. * Grown adult pigs confined to tiny farrowing crates, the pigs cannot move whilst their piglets gather around.

"Every time we pull back the curtain on slaughterhouses or their animal factories, we reveal atrocities that would make most people lose their lunch," says Stephan Wymore for ARAN. "The horrendous abuse documented at this facility clearly violates Irish animal welfare law, and we're asking that these people and this company be held accountable."

If you would like to help stop this cruelty, please consider sending ARAN an urgent donation today to help us get footage inside of other slaughterhouses, fur farms, circuses, laboratories, bloodsports and much more. ARAN is devoted to establishing rights for all animals. Thankfully because of loyal and kind supporters, who send us donations, we can go on to help expose all this needless suffering and cruelty, but we can do much more if we get your donation today! Establishments such as this pig breeding facility would rather you not send ARAN a donation, we need not wonder why.

Thank you,

Animal Rights Action Network

Ps, ARAN would like to thank everyone who supports our work either through sending donations, attending our peaceful and eye-catching events, helping with letter writing, phone calls and emails, organizing local events in your area, helping with ARAN's campaign work and much more - together we are all truly doing something big to help bring about a day where no animals will have to be cruelly killed or tormented for human use. ARAN appreciates all your support for our work here in Ireland.


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