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ARAN - RIP Greg Naughton

Dear Supporters,

We are saddened to hear of the untimely and sudden death of long-time ARAN supporter and campaigner, Greg Naughton. Greg, who is survived by his partner and fellow campaigner Sheila, was one of our most active supporters in Co. Wicklow. As many of you will know, ARAN are due to stage a national demonstration with our colleagues at ICABS against the hare coursing finals in Clonmel Co. Tipperary. Greg, and his partner Sheila, were both due to attend this important event, he was an Irish soldier and had planned on taking the day off to attend.

Below are some pictures of Greg at just a couple of ARAN events, including our hare coursing march at Edenderry, and our national march and rally to stop cruelty to animals in 2009, and some video off him standing with other ARAN supporters to push for the successful passage of the Ward Union hunt ban. Click here!

The dedicated and close team at ARAN are truly devastated with this news and the passing of such a compassionate and loyal campaigner. Our movement has lost an incredibly dedicated person who gave all his support to ARAN and our ongoing fight to see an end to cruelty to animals. He also adored their rescued greyhound Bella.

PLEASE REMEMBER GREG AND BE THERE FOR THE HARES: As we fast approach our national demonstration against the hare coursing finals, where up to 30,000 enthusiasts will gather, we will peacefully stand amongst the many to bear witness to the savagery and cruelty that's inflicted on the gentle Irish hare, and expose this barbaric cruelty for what it really is. Although ARAN does not have 30,000 supporters, we don't have the hunters immense wealth, and we don't have their resources--what we do have is compassion, tenacity and the truth about this blood sport that will inevitably bring about a day when hare coursing will be banned in Ireland just like it is in the UK and Northern Ireland. ARAN will mark our national hare coursing demonstration in memory and honour of Greg which also include a one minute's silence.

For Dublin supporters, please mark your diaries now, and be sure to RSVP a seat on the coach going from Dublin, details below:-

When: Wednesday, February 2nd 2011
Where: Connolly Train Station, Amiens Street, Dublin
Time: 8.15am sharp -- arrive safely back in Dublin for roughly 4.15pm
Contact: John Carmody 087-2391646 or Rita Marie Lawlor 085-8195938

For other supporters living outside of Dublin, please make a special effort to stand with us and bear witness to the cruelty and suffering of the Irish hare, and help us campaign for the abolition of all hunting and cruel sports. It's only by working together and going out of our way--from time to time--that we'll truly end all cruelty to animals.

ARAN's promise to Greg, is that we'll continue to be a fearless defender of the animals and won't rest until we see a day where no animals will have to suffer torment, suffering, cruelty and exploitation. May god bless Greg and may he give us all strength to continue on.

John Carmody
Founder of ARAN
Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)
'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

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