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Brave ARAN Volunteers - March '10

Dear ARAN Supporters,

We stood fearless amongst the many hunters. A ban on stag hunting in Ireland is imminent. Pro blood-sport enthusiasts in Ireland are becoming increasingly desperate and viscous and are now fighting back! That’s right, last Saturday March 27, hunt enthusiasts gathered in Waterford for a picket against the ban on the Ward Union Stag Hunt, and the fear of been included in the new Dog Breeding Establishment Bill 2009. The pro blood-sport enthusiasts arrived from various corners in Ireland to descend outside the Green Party conference to try and bully the party into doing a reverse decision on their proposed bans. The good news is the Greens are poised to proceed with their ban and will join many other countries around the world enacting similar, modern, legislation such as the UK. A select few hunt enthusiasts arrived wearing green combat jackets, trousers and muck covered wellingtons holding innocent pit-bull terriers.

Prior the pro-hunt picket, ARAN hung an anti-hunt banner from Waterford’s Rice bridge which hunters tried to cut down. We also had several other supporters ‘monitor’ the pro hunt picket. We did not however organize a counter protest, but merely arrived to monitor and do press interviews to give the animals side of the story.

Watch the video and click here

ARAN desperately needs you to speak up for animals hunted in Ireland and beyond! As you can tell with the video we’ve documented, the hunters have no problems getting many thousands of pro hunt supporters – but as always the animals loose – but not if ARAN has our way. We stood amongst many pro-hunt supporters on the day – many were shouting and screaming right into our faces, but we are the animals fearless defenders and will stand our ground to peacefully speak up for them, but we cannot do it without your support.


First, can we please ask that you watch our video above and be sure to forward it far and wide. Once you have finished watching it, we sincerely hope that you will choose to become more active for animals in Ireland by getting involved with ARAN’s peaceful campaigns work and also to please send an urgently needed donation to ARAN today to help us co-ordinate educational and peaceful events to expose cruelty to animals in Ireland and expose bloodsports. We cannot overly stress the importance of this mail to you today – please feel free to ignore this email and let it to someone else, but believe us when we say it – Bloodsports will continue on and other forms of animal abuse as long as good people do nothing. ARAN is a small, fearless, devoted grassroots group taking on big players, with big pockets and genuinely achieving an impressive amount of work for animals. We urge you to please do something, anything, because the cruelty will continue on for as long as people who ‘care’ sit back and just wished it never happened.

Thank you for caring and for being a voice for animals. Right now, they certainly do need all the help and support they can get.


Ps. Do two things today: Please stand with us and make your most generous donation to ARAN - donate online or send a check or postal order or better still set up a standing order. Please also commit to attending some of our upcoming campaign events in the coming weeks and months – together ARAN promises that we’ll move heaven and earth to help those poor animals.

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