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ARAN - Carmody Confronts Gael Leader, Feb 2011

There is no better opportunity than now to determine the future of your chosen sport -- Countryside Alliance (Ireland), in an email notice on Friday to their hunting and shooting supporters.

 --Interview with John Carmody ARAN.flv

Dear ARAN Supporters,
If there is one effective way to make your voice heard for the animals--it's to take your message directly to those in power--and that's exactly what ARAN leader, John Carmody did on Friday. And whilst we know self praise is no praise, this brave action indeed, deserves more than enough praise. With his hands covered in 'blood' whilst holding a sign that read, 'Hands Up If You Support Blood Sports', Carmody confronted Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny to urge him to stop his stated intention of repealing the Ward Union hunt legislation should FG get into government--which at this stage is looking highly likely--if the polls are anything to go by. Whilst chanting 'Keep the ward union hunt ban' and 'Shame on you Enda, you've got blood on your hands', John continued his protest as Kenny raced to get into his car--John--once again--while in front of a barrage of action-hungry flashing photographers, TV crews and radio reporters, continued to peacefully heckle Enda and plead with the FG leader not to return the Ward Union hunt. Behind the scenes, ARAN's other volunteers continued to be heckled by FG security whilst taking pictures of the event unfolding. Within minutes of the action, our press coordinators were getting down to ensuring every news desk in the country knew what was going on and what FG are looking to do--ARAN will continue to drive the nation's press attention to the plight of innocent animals--with the help of our dedicated and loyal supporters--we hear the animals' cries and we're coming to help.
The press coverage has yet again been explosive, this time with more focus on three national television stations. Already Carmody's confrontation has hit the TV stations of RTE 9pm, RTE Nuacht and TG4. Websites such as, Irish Examiner, Evening Echo,, Newstalk (listen here),, Cork's RedFM, Online. Ie, TCM. ie and many more. Prominent Irish broadsheet, Irish Times also covered the event. Watch Carmody confront Enda Kenny on national television--click here and here. This is not the our first action since news broke of FG's intentions. In the past three days, ARAN supporters have deluged literally hundreds of emails to Enda Kenny and inundated their Policy office with phone calls of protest, with more actions being planned.
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 (next Wednesday)
Time: 6pm sharp to 8pm -- (please arrive slightly earlier if possible)
Place: Fine Gael HQ, 51 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 1.
Thank you to every single ARAN supporter that is making his or her voice heard at this most critical time. ARAN also want to thank various Irish animal protection groups and activists for doing their part to pressure FG to drop their intentions to bring back the Ward Union hunt--together we really can make a difference and lets keep the momentum going because we WILL block this legislation from being repealed.
From us all here at ARAN, thank you.
'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'
P.S. Please ensure to forward our action alert far and wide and encourage everyone you know to get behind our campaign to stop Fine Gael, but also encourage people to attend our peaceful and lively protest next Wednesday in Dublin.

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