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New Investigation Exposes Ireland's Shameful Fur Farms, Again!

Sent: 02 December 2011 18:19
Subject: Breaking News: New Investigation Exposes Ireland's Shameful Fur Farms, Again!

Dear Members,

ARAN, Respect for Animals and the Animal, Anima and Fur Free Alliance (FFA) have released the findings of a new 2011 undercover investigation into Ireland's shameful fur factory farms, showing that yet again, animal suffering, is still very much business as usual. The recently obtained footage from an Irish mink farm, reveals images of animal suffering, including painful injuries on mink's tails; cramped, aged and filthy cages riddled with the animal faeces, and more shockingly the images of stressed, traumatised and balding animals; which spotlights the stereotypical behavior associated with intensive farming. Ireland's government are seeking submissions into Irish fur farms which close on December 31. The campaign received impressive media coverage including a full page exclusive article in the Irish Daily Mirror with a follow up from Irish newspaper, Foinse, radio stations such as Ocean FM, Highland Radio, Radio Kerry and Near FM also covering the issue. To launch the campaign, a giant mobile billboard shadowed the Department of Agriculture in Dublin with a message 'FUR FARMING: TIME FOR A BAN,' before taking to the streets to garner public support. Click

here to see the billboard in action.


Take action to ban fur factory farms now. Log onto our brand new website to see the investigation, and then let our politicians know how you feel about animal abuse, and we've also made it easy and convenient for you to do so. Type a short message on the link inside the website, include your contact details, press send, and our legislators will know how you feel.


Ireland's outspoken vet on animal welfare, Peter Wedderburn had the following to say upon reviewing the footage. "In the video footage of the mink farm, there were several aspects that cause specific concerns. The animals seem to be kept at a high stocking rate, causing forced proximity to one another, with consequent social pressures that lead to repeated bouts of fighting. Episodes of fighting are demonstrated on the video. This in turn results in physical injuries, with one mink shown to have an open wound on its tail and another with the end of its tail completely severed. The mink cages have wire mesh flooring. This may be convenient from a management point of view to prevent body waste accumulating, but from an animal welfare perspective, a solid floor is preferable. Wire mesh can be a stressful underfoot surface, requiring the animal to choose its footing carefully to avoid the feet slipping through the gaps, and the narrow gauge of the wire can lead to pressure sores on the feet. Farmed animals should be given the opportunity to express natural behaviours, and it�s difficult to see how this is possible for the mink in the video. They are enclosed in a small, empty space, with no other objects or activities for them to engage with. This is likely to create serious ongoing stress. The gross accumulation of matted faeces in and around the cages is indicative of a poor level of hygiene, with increased risk of ill health as a consequence."


At a news conference held by ARAN, Respect for Animals and Denmark's Anima, on Wednesday, November 30, we called on the government to implement in the upcoming Animal Health & Welfare Bill the original ban on Irish fur factory farming by 2012 as agreed in the previous programme for government. We've got one real chance remaining to ban fur farming in Ireland and we need to pull out all the stops now which is why ARAN and our colleagues are working round the clock, however, we cannot do this alone. Please ensure to send your emails to call on our Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, to ban fur farming in Ireland and to ensure it's part of the upcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill. If you need any assistance with your email or letter get in touch with us.


Please stand with us as we charge ahead to bring fur factory farming in Ireland to an end, because together, we can make a difference.



'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

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