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ARAN Newsletter July 2007

Each day we receive urgent appeals and terrible cases of animal cruelty which can be hugely overwhelming and distressing for each and every one of us since it�s in our heart to care and do something to end the animals fear, pain, misery and suffering. Every one of you who read this email is a very special person indeed, you have the power to put a stop to so much animal cruelty and that�s why we are proud to have you with us fighting to stop cruelty to animals. Rest assured that ARAN works hard each and every day trying to bring cruelty to animals nearer to a final end, but its hard work � that�s why we are counting on your continued support to help us create this change, if we don�t have your support we are nothing and the animal abusers score another goal.

We are writing to update you on our work to end cruelty to animals here in Ireland, with your help and support we are continuing to make more people aware of animal cruelty whilst showing they can have a positive impact on making a difference in their lives. Every day we are busy working on the next project, program and event which is why I am writing to tell you about some of the many projects we are working on right now in the hopes it will answer many of your questions that we tend to receive.

Since our last newsletter we have signed up over 140 people across Ireland onto ARAN�s activist network. Our network of caring people just like you help us make a huge difference for animals and as you know, they need all the friends they can get right now � please take a look at some of the main pieces of work that we are doing for animals in July.

1. Working on Irish Canadian seal hunt campaign (we are in discussions with one of the country�s largest purchasers of Canadian �seafood� in the hopes they will join the boycott and things are looking good) We also continue to work on supporting the international campaign as it grows closer in coming to an end. ARAN is practical in our approach.

2. We have being lobbying Irish MEP�s for weeks in order for them to sign Animal Defenders International (ADI) European Primate Declaration 40 which aims to ban the use of primates in experiments and research, the great news is that almost every Irish MEP has signed but three and we are confident they will sign by September, we�re not finished just yet.

3. Urging the Dublin City Council to end their decision to ban certain breeds of dogs from their council estates & properties. Already we have joined in with other animal protection groups across the country to protest this outrageous decision because this could have a snowball effect for other councils across the country.

4. Working on a national �Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland� campaign demonstration on October 4th and local campaign events in other city�s across Ireland for world animal week. We also work daily on the ARAN/ADI �Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland� campaign, with local campaign events, school education, street protests and tabling, we are also beginning political lobbying. Continuing to lobby the Irish Arts Council to end their funding of Irish circuses and much more

5. Contacting Irish fashion outlets with detailed fur campaign reports so that their purchasing decisions for 2008 will not contain any real fur. We are also making plans for our upcoming winter anti fur campaign 2008 which looks to be a busy period!

6. Working with Animal Aid on their charity animal farming campaign � last week ARAN staged a highly visual demonstration in Belfast to draw attention to the campaign.

7. Working on a highly emotive and thought provoking project which is coming to Dublin in August � more details to be announced soon.

8. We are also working on creating a highly charged and visual campaign event for our winter anti-fur event with more details coming nearer the time, also launching an anti-fur campaign advert at Dolan�s Warehouse in October in Limerick City with one of Ireland�s top drag queens.

9. Spay & Neutering, working on promoting the Dogs Trust neutering campaign across Ireland, we have also joined other Irish groups by acting and supported their decision to come to Dublin with a 10 million pound dog rescue facility.

10. We are also working on several other issues on Bloodsports, Vivisecton and vegetarianism � more details in our upcoming newsletter.

We have also coordinated some high profile demonstrations in between, lots of street tabling events in even city�s and one of our best areas is working with activists across the country helping them to do even more to help animals, we are also working with even more respected animal protection groups here in Ireland, UK and across Europe on vital campaigns. We are also happy to help and assist other animal groups with their work, at ARAN we work on the principal �We�re In This Together�.

Remember the animals need your support, if it�s only one or two hours a day, week or month that you can give we ask that you please do whatever you can to stop animal abuse, the forces hurting and exploiting animals is so huge which is why we need you to remain strong, determined and with us as we battle on. So please attend our vital protests, continue writing for our appeals and spreading the word.

Thanks to each and every one of you who read this email, ARAN is proud to have you.

From the team at Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)

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