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ARAN Rally December 2009

Dear ARAN Members & Supporters,

Are you ready for this year's biggest event for animals - ever? That's right - we are writing to give you important details of our biggest rally for animals in the history of Animal Rights Action Network , and we are expecting hundreds of caring people from all over Ireland and beyond to descend on Dublin's O'Connell Street to speak out against cruelty to animals. We are going to rally in the nation's capital to help bring much needed attention to the plight of animals in desperate need of a voice in this country. Thousands will show up for anti-war, health service, pay cut
and the recession march's but always the animals are forgotten once again - but not if ARAN has our way, I hope you'll stand by them and be there with us on December 6th in Dublin.


Date: Sunday, December 6th 2009
Place: Garden of Remembrance, Dublin (Top of O'Connell Street, left hand side)
Contact: John Carmody 087-2391646 Intl' +353-87-2391646

The peaceful event which is been organized by ARAN will desperately need the support of each and everyone reading this email. We are calling on our army of compassionate supporters to come out for this one special day and be in Dublin to join with hundreds of other caring people to say 'no' to animal abuse and to call on our government to bring in tougher laws to protect animals in the upcoming animal welfare bill - don't you think they deserve protection? .

 On the day Animal Rights Action Network will also be inviting and uniting with a host of other respected campaign and rescue groups and some will have exciting speakers talking about their work for animals, already we have an interesting line up of various speakers. We'd especially like to appeal to our members and supporters whom have yet to come to an ARAN event to let nothing stand in your way of been with us on December 6th in Dublin - wherever you live, make it your business to be in Dublin - let's all unite and call for an end to animal abuse in Ireland!

Remember, words are nothing - actions are everything, if you are against cruelty to animals then please lend your voice and support to our rally on December 6th and please, don't leave it to someone else! Over the coming weeks we'll be writing to you with more ways you can help make this event an even bigger success by inviting your family, friends and coworkers and making sure you mention it on Facebook and Bebo and sending your friends invites to the event so get in touch with Animal Rights Action Network and urge them to sign up to attend our rally.

For those of you who could not make it to our event last year, please click here  to see some exciting news footage of the event, and if you think that was exciting - you aint seeing nothing yet!

Thank you from us all here at Animal Rights Action Network, together we can end cruelty to animals, one step at a time!


Ps, Please don't leave it to someone else, this cruelty and suffering will continue on if we don't do something. Mark your diary today and start preparing for an event not to be missed

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