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ARAN's Ban Fur Farming in Ireland Event

January 30, 2008

Media Blitz for ARAN's Ban Fur Farming in Ireland Event

Dear ARAN Members & Supporters,

With just days to go before ARAN launches our 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland' campaign, we organized a peaceful protest outside the Department of Agriculture to urge Minister Mary Coughlan to 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland without delay.

Up to 60 supporters coming from Limerick, Clare, Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Kildare, Meath, Wexford and Waterford gathered outside the department with a huge banner reading 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland Now!' others held placards with a picture of a fox's face with the tagline 'Your Fur Had A Face'. The supporters were also joined by another ARAN member holding a body screen TV showing live footage of a recent investigation into fur farming in China where no animal welfare laws exist, the footage was heartbreaking but made people who seeing the footage more eager to double their efforts to stop this animal suffering. Six Animal Rights Action Network volunteers also posed for photographers wearing blindfolds whilst holding signs reading 'Minister Mary Coughlan: Ban Fur Farming in Ireland'.

Animal Rights Action Network's event sparked a national media blitz across Ireland with a dozen photographers attending to take shots of our campaign protest which led to national media exposure on all of Ireland's top newspapers. Irish radio stations also covered the story with news of our protest being highlighted on a dozen radio stations across the country. We also done radio interviews in Donegal and the media up there are all supportive of our campaign and have also covered our campaign with positive news coverage again reaching Mary Coughlan's constituents. Thankfully the Irish media have being very favorable of ARAN's campaign running nothing but POSITIVE coverage of our campaign to stop cruelty to animals on fur farms which is helping to direct countless people to the plight of innocent fur bearing animals. RTE television also sent a camera crew which featured footage of our protest outside the Department of Agriculture on Wednesday evenings news slots.

ARAN would like to take this special opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to our friends at CIWF Ireland and their fantastic director Maryanne Bartlett who was in attendance with her supporters including two man size 'fox's'. ARAN also wants to say THANK YOU to our friends at the ISPCA with their national general manager Mark Beasley and his colleague coming along to support our campaign protest which was as I am sure everyone will agree a brilliant peaceful, friendly and professional well organized campaign event.

Over the next few weeks Animal Rights Action Network will need your support to help us 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland', so please stay informed on how you can make sure these cruel farms are consigned to the dustbin of history and let us know how you can help ARAN's campaign by replying to this email. Again, Animal Rights Action Network would also like to say a special THANK YOU to everyone who turned up to support our peaceful event today, it's because of caring people like you these events are always hugely successful. Many thanks and keep active,

John Carmody

Ps, enjoy the pictures below!

John Carmody | Campaigns Coordinator | Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)

Tel: 087-6275579 | Intl' +353-87-6275579 | Email:


"Fighting Animal Abuse Across Ireland"

Please include all previous correspondence when replying!

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One of the best ways you can help ARAN is to get actively involved with our ongoing research, lobbying, events, projects, peaceful protests and tabling events across Ireland. Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) is against all forms of animal cruelty and is a grassroots group working to speak out for the rights of all animals here in Ireland, whilst helping to promote and support European and international campaigns to end cruelty to animals. ARAN works with volunteers, activists, members of the public and other animal protection groups. We firmly believe that by working together we can do so much more and be far more effective. Please be sure to check out on a frequent basis to keep up to date with ARAN's latest lifesaving campaigns work. Together we can make a huge difference and we need you on our side.

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