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ARAN's Favorite Video

Dear Supporters & ARAN Friends,

Please take just a couple of minutes to watch this seriously amazing video of a peaceful protest back in October 2010 in Miami, Florida against the dolphin slaughter in Taiji Japan. Turn up your speakers and watch the passion of the people who attended. . Be sure to turn up your speakers!

When you have finished watching the video, be sure to post it onto Facebook and send it to your family and friends and encourage everyone you know to make a commitment in 2011 – or better still – right now – to speaking out against animal abuse, because together we can do so much more.

Thank you for all that you do to help the animals,

ARAN ‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’

P.S As we send this video to you, we are busy making plans for tons of amazing actions and campaigns from January 2011 onwards. We want to hear your ideas and tell us what’s on your mind and what you’d like to see ARAN do in 2011

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