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ARAN's Campaign to ban fur factory farming in Ireland gains momentum

From: ARAN
Subject: Good News: LUSH Cosmetics Team Up with ARAN to Ban Fur Factory Farming in Ireland!
To: "ARAN"
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 6:46 AM

Dear Members & Supporters;

As many of you know, ARAN released the findings of a new undercover investigation back in November 2011, just in time for submissions that the Government were seeking into Irish fur factory farming. The evidence that we presented to the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, clearly showed the need for these farms to be shut down.

Behind the scenes we are busy lobbying Irish Ministers and TDs, and since the launch of our new investigation, literally thousands of emails and dozens of letters have been sent into the Department of Agriculture calling for a ban on fur factory farming in Ireland without delay. We have also rolled a giant billboard across Dublin to garner support from the public and hit Facebook with adverts that drove supporters to our campaign website

This week, we�re delighted to announce our latest partnership with International cosmetics company, LUSH Cosmetics. A two-week campaign initiative will be running in their three Irish stores, from 6 February right through until 20 February. We�re strongly encouraging all our supporters and members to drop into your nearest LUSH store where you can sign a postcard and take an educational leaflet to support ARAN�s campaign to �Ban Fur Factory Farming in Ireland�.

Dublin Stores:
LUSH Cosmetics
Grafton Street,
Dublin 1.

Cork Store:
LUSH Cosmetics
Patrick Street,
Cork City.

In the coming weeks we anticipate and believe that a decision will be made on the future of fur factory farming in Ireland. We urgently need you to take action between now and until that decision is made. Please visit your nearest LUSH Cosmetics Store and ask for a postcard to sign and then be sure to mail this right away.
Please log onto our campaign website and send one email that will go out to over 160 Irish politicians in one click of a button.
Be sure to �Like� our, Ban Fur Factory Farming in Ireland, Facebook page that has now almost 7,000 �Likes�.
Please keep writing, emailing, sending letters and doing whatever you can to speak out against fur factory farming in Ireland. We can do only so much, but we can do even more with your help and support.

Let's keep the momentum going!

�Fighting animal abuse across Ireland�

P.S. This is not the first time �LUSH Cosmetics International� has teamed up with ARAN. Over the years we have partnered with them in our campaigns against animal experiments, veggie promotion, supporting the campaign to push the �Dog Breeding Establishments Bill Through�. They also attended our demonstration against the Ward Union Hunt as legislation was going through Dail Eireann back in 2011, and they also fundraised for ARAN with a �Charity Pot� that raised vital, much needed donations to further our work to fight animal abuse.



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