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Academy Award-Winning Actress Anjelica Huston, Steps In to Ban Irish Fur Farms

Dear Members & Supporters;

Academy Award-Winning Actress Anjelica Huston, has stepped in to support ARAN's campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland by penning a touching plea on behalf of ourselves and PETA. In her letter, attached, that was sent to the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney this morning, Huston says, "This issue means a lot to me as I grew up in Ireland and used to wear fur. I had a change of heart when I learned how minks and foxes on fur farms are crammed into tiny, dirty cages and driven so crazy by the confinement that many self-mutilate and even cannibalize their cagemates," writes Huston. 'Please use your considerable power to follow through on the commitment to add Ireland to the growing list of countries--including Northern Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Great Britain--that have banned the cruel practice of fur farming.'

ARAN is working flat out and has been doing so for many years--but the next number of days are now by far the most vital in our campaign. We need our supporters to come out in force for our lively, peaceful event next Tuesday, May 1, at 11.45a.m. sharp - 2pm outside the Department of Agriculture on Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Leading our demonstration will be a giant mobile billboard calling for Minister Coveney, not to look away.

Thanks to your support ARAN is bringing the face of animal abuse to the surface like never before. Thanks to your support we are Ireland's most vociferous and tenacious campaign group spanning every county and city working to bring about a day where no animals will ever have to face abuse again, ever. And thanks to your support we are fast inspiring the lives of countless numbers of people who are taking steps in their own personal lives to respect and treat animals with compassion and kindness--it's what we are all about at ARAN. And of course we're saving animals lives every step of the way!

Stand with the many thousands of animals on Irish fur farms who will be gassed for their skins--attend our peaceful event this coming Tuesday, May 1. We cannot do it alone.

The ARAN Team

'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

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