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No Wild Circus Animals in Fingal, motion passed


'circuses which use wild animals are prohibited from performing in any part of the local authority area'

The Alliance for Animal Rights and Circuswatch Ireland welcomes last night's landmark decision by Fingal County Council. This decision instigated by Socialist Party's Cllr Clare Daly is the first of its kind in this country. It will mean that 'wild' animals will not be allowed perform in Circuses in the Fingal area. We congratulate all of the Council for making the unanimous compassionate decision which is the first of its kind in Ireland.

'We are looking on this as the beginning of the end for circuses with animals in Ireland. This is the first council to get this motion passed unanimously (despite the issue being raised in other areas in the past). Hundreds of emails were sent to Fingal councilors from animal rights activists which helped enlighten them on the plight of animals confined in the beastwagons of travelling circuses.' Bernie Wright, Press Officer AFAR'. See below for synopsis.

From Cllr Clare Daly..
However after a lengthy debate, which you will be able to view on the Council's webcast, , go to Quick Links on the right hand column, and click on "View Council Meetings", the motion below was passed unanimously -

"That Fingal County Council supports the introduction of by-laws or other measures which would ensure that circuses which use wild animals are prohibited from performing in any part of the local authority area in light of the well-documented evidence of suffering endured by the animals involved and the serious animal welfare issues raised."

The issue will now be brought to the Community Strategic Policy Committee in order to work out the details of the By-Laws and how the decision can be implemented. Hopefully in this way a very comprehensive policy on the issue can be developed within the parameters of the motion that was passed.

While, I would have been happier if it was all animals, I believe that it is an important step forward, and I hope it can be used to assist debate in other local authorities. If I can be of any assistance at any time on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can honestly say that your emails and correspondence played a big part in getting the vote through. Keep up the pressure, as with everything else it's the only way to get results.

All the very best,
Clare Daly
Cc: cllrclaredaly Phone 087 2415576.

a.. Besides the obvious human health hazard /PUBLIC LIABILITY RISKS caused by the trucks and animal escapes there have been 8 people injured by Circus animals in Ireland and two people killed.
Is that not enough reason to stop these people dragging unfortunate animals around the country in beast wagons.

a.. Tally of IRISH ACCIDENTS/injuries we are aware of.:
2 people killed Galway when Circus trailer attached to other trailer dislodged.
1 man Galway had arms ripped off by 3 Duffy's tigers.
5 people including children bitten by monkey.
! child bitten by circus dog.
1 man (circus employee) stabbed by tusks when beating elephant with stick. Tramore.

Trailer went on fire with elephant on M50.
Camel escaped numerous times. OFFALLY, Limerick and TULLAMORE
Elephant shot by pellet gun in Blanchardstown on site.
Wallaby let loose. escaped and missing.
Beast Wagon overturned with rhino and hippo on board on way from Scotland to here.
Two Elephants fell into sewerage pipes and had to be pulled out.
Monkey left for week in van left into Mechanics with no food or water.
*Court case/Attack on Animal Activists giving out flyers Castlenock. Court case got 1300 euros paid in lieu of Video stolen and broken,
*Court case, Circus employee guilty of Buggery with mentally impaired person Waterford
*Court Case. Courtneys sued for using Russian Circus name.
Person distributing flyers Galway Attacked by Circus Staff.
Activists at Blackrock Site demonstration were chased away by security wielding knife. Gone when Gardai arrived.
90 yr old woman attacked by circus staff Waterford.
Elephant dying from dog attacks. NI.

The ISPCA confirmed that on at least three occasions in recent years, lions and bears have escaped from circuses travelling around Ireland, 'the star'.

* 200 Councils in the UK have banned Circuses with animals.

All of these events and more are well documented.
Please do the compassionate thing and support Clares motion.


*******theres a vote tomorrow night at Newtownabbey council in Antrim so fingers crossed for that too.******** *

Bernie Wright. Press Officer AFAR.
087 2651720.

Nuala Donlon. Press Officer Circuswatch Ireland.
086 3985761 (available for radio)

cllrclaredaly Phone 087 2415576/ 01 8408059.

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