Dear Animal Rights Action Network Members & Supporters;

ARAN is launching our new winter anti-fur campaign called 'Drive Fur Out of Ireland' - a first for Ireland once again! Kicking off in Limerick city, the campaign will tour across Munster during the month of November and will visit Shopping centre's, clothing stores, art and design colleges and much more, of course our tour would not be complete without us inviting the media along, every step of the way!

Our campaign car is kitted out with durable posters from PETA that read 'Your Fur Had a Face' which are safely secured onto every door. Inside, we'll also have our famous Body Screen TV showing footage of animals on fur farms, whilst our dedicated Limerick team distribute educational materials to shoppers and students - we also plan on taking time out to speak with fashion and design students to learn them about how animals are tortured and cruelly treated on fur farms and that you can still have that killer look without actually killing anything! With so many fantastic humane alternatives out there, there's simply no excuse for this animal abuse! To top all of this off, we'll be using an attention grabbing megaphone to bring attention to our campaign car and tell shoppers about the alternatives to fur, all in all a friendly and professional way to bring about positive change for animals.

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Our first stop is as follows with more routes being planned, we'll be mailing city particular members along the way:-

When: November 2nd 2007

Where: Arthur's Quay Park, Limerick City

Time: 12noon sharp

Again, thanks to each and every Animal Rights Action Network member who supports our work, you have yet to fail us and it's so comforting to know that we can count on your dedicated support and count on you to be there for the animals, be very proud to be part of a growing organization that is making good change for animals in need. As you are also aware, at ARAN we campaign and organize events and demos across the country which means it puts added pressure on our resources, but we are making a difference and know we can count on you to be there with us.

Enjoy the attached picture and be sure to tell family and friends about Animal Rights Action Network's work, get them involved too!

Thank you for being there for animals in desperate situations, stay with them!

John Carmody | Campaigns Coordinator | Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)
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"Fighting Animal Abuse Across Ireland"
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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

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One of the best ways you can help ARAN is to get actively involved with our ongoing research, lobbying, events, projects, peaceful protests and tabling events across Ireland. Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) is against all forms of animal cruelty and is a grassroots group working to speak out for the rights of all animals here in Ireland, whilst helping to promote and support European and international campaigns to end cruelty to animals. ARAN works with volunteers, activists, members of the public and other animal protection groups. We firmly believe that by working together we can do so much more and be far more effective. Please be sure to check out on a frequent basis to keep up to date with ARAN's latest lifesaving campaigns work. Together we can make a huge difference and we need you on our side.

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