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Email Bank Regarding Loans to Irish Coursing Club

Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 8:45 PM Subject: EMAIL THE BANK OF IRELAND REGARDING LOANS TO the Irish Coursing Cub


WE have been told in a tip-off from disgruntled Coursing people that the Bank of Ireland has granted a substantial loan and overdraft facilities to the IRISH COURSING CLUB.

In recessionary times when ordinary people are having their houses seized we feel to support an ailing antiquated and cruel activity by propping it up with loans is unbelievable.

Taxpayers money went into saving the banks who now give it to keep animal abuse alive!

Please write to Mr. R. Boucher, Chief Executive, Bank of Ireland or
EMAIL MR R Boucher at or
Tel:+353 1 661 5933.
Richie Boucher Group Chief Executive

SAMPLE LETTER/modify for your own.

Bank of Ireland’s approval of a sizable loan and overdraft to the Irish Coursing Club.
Mr. R. Boucher,
Chief Executive,
Bank of Ireland

Dear Mr. Boucher,
I have just been informed that the Bank of Ireland has approved a sizeable loan and overdraft to the Irish Coursing Club (ICC). Evidence of the Bank’s decision was produced at the ICC’s recent AGM

The ICC is the organisation to which more than seventy coursing clubs in Ireland are affiliated. Each of these clubs is involved in the horrific practise of live hare coursing, a blood sport in which hares are used as live bait in contests between competing greyhounds.

It is a despicably cruel activity that has been banned in most of the countries that once permitted it…the Northern Ireland assembly being the most recent parliament to have outlawed it.

Thousands of hares are captured annually in Ireland for this “pastime”…to be chased and terrorised in wired enclosures for “fun” and “entertainment”. Many are mauled to death; others die of stress-related ailments or internal injuries after being released back into the wild following the coursing events.

Other hares, mainly the ones deemed unsuitable for coursing, are used to “blood” dogs as part of their training. This involves feeding them live to greyhounds. The greyhounds also suffer injury, ill-treatment, and neglect in coursing.

We are utterly shocked and astonished that the Bank of Ireland would agree a loan to such an organisation as the ICC, given the nature of this entity. We are not suggesting or implying that such a loan is unlawful. Our objection to it is based on our own opposition to animal cruelty.

We would ask you to bear in mind too that the ICC is at present in very serious financial difficulty, on top of which it is being sued by property developer Greenband Investments for E5.2 million plus interest in relation to alleged failure to fulfil a legally binding contract. The ICC is expected to lose that case later this year and Phoenix Magazine (September 25th 2009) has predicted that the Club’s finances could be wiped out as a result.

Signed ……………

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