The Newsletter for Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)
Ireland's National Animal Rights Organization
May 2006

Just recently I read and seeing pictures of an eye experiment being conducted on a pair of innocent baby rhesus monkeys that took place in China. The monkeys where forced to wear goggles in an eye experiment, the pictures and the accompanying story crushed my heart in two, reading about this story just confirms to the many who have doubts about animal experiments why it's so unethical, unnecessary, useless and a hindrance to scientific and medical progress as well as being horribly cruel, useless and barbaric. We know that animal cruelty is wrong and it's in each and everyone of us out there to ensure that we reach the public with the animal's side of the story. As ARAN approaches the young age of 7 this year the very best birthday gift you can give us here in Ireland is to come out onto the streets with us and help speak out against the cruelty and one day we hope animal experiments and research just like the story of the two baby monkeys will be a thing of the past. This year we push 7, when I formed ARAN in 2000 at the age of 17 I always remember working on my own and just used to send letters to companies to stop hurting animals and I always used to rescue little animals on the street. Today it's a very different story, working with my wonderful compassionate people and groups ARAN continues with the view we first started out with in 2000. Right to this day our view of total anima liberation and ending all forms of cruelty to animals will never change. Today we are hugely supported right across the country not only by activists and members of the public but by other great campaigning groups as well as the UK, Europe and around the world who have recognized and heard about the good work we do. Thanks for all the encouraging and heartening emails we continue to receive weekly, but we must all join together share resources and help each other because the animals are counting on each and every one of us. I hope you will like what you read about some of the main campaigns we have being working on, we try and do our best bit by bit. Please pledge today to do everything you can to end the misery that's taking place in exploitive industries and more here in Ireland and around the world, remember the animals need us now more than ever before. Thanks for all that you do to help animals, John Carmody founder of ARAN.

Supporting the campaign to stop Canada's seal massacre Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) recently written to Tesco and Dunnes stores calling on the super huge supermarkets never to buy Canadian 'seafood'. Whilst ARAN would prefer if everyone went vegetarian and vegan there is people still eating sea life and there is talk that if the government of Canada don't stop the seal slaughter the real only hope of ending this massacre is to have a global boycott of Canadian 'seafood' that is now being supported by groups all over the world including activists. Already the boycott has slashed a huge amount of money from the fishing economy and has already outstripped the amount of income the slaughter brings annually. Already this year Croatia, Greenland and the UK have decided to ban the imports of seals skins from Canada as a result of seeing the footage of the slaughter that takes place. Earlier this year ARAN worked with HSUS, Sea shepherd, Harpseals, Animal Alliance of Canada and many more on promoting the campaign here in Ireland including the fourth annual demonstration outside the Canadian Embassy in Dublin. We also received a great response just recently to our Canadian seal campaign bumper sticker that was kindly supplied by our friends at HSUS within a week we had ran out of bumper stickers and leaflets. If possible please send us a picture of where your bumper sticker is. More information on this campaign be found at www.SeaShepherds.org - www.Harpseals.org - www.HSUS.org

To support World Lab Animal Week a joint bunny along with members of ARAN and Northern Ireland Against Animal Experiments turned up outside of BOOTS and the Body Shop in Belfast to highlight the cruelty involved in animal experiments and to get public support behind the campaign to end animal experiments. Both distributed all the leaflets supplied to us from our colleagues at NAVS. Most people where horrified to know that animal experiments still take place. The joint 'bunny' also waved to the passing cars and tourist busses and held a sign calling for an end to animals experiments. NIAAE continues to highlight their campaign to get Belfast Royal University to stop experimenting on animals including dogs, they also have pictures of some experiments that have previously taking place inside the university. NIAAE and NIAAA continue to be very active in Belfast and continue to promote many animal rights campaigns with dedication and compassion.
Just recently ARAN organized for the second time running a demonstration to highlight the campaign to boycott P&G because of their experiments on animals. Members of ARAN gathered inside supermarkets here in Limerick city and filled a trolley fully of P&G and brought the products up to the customer service desk and spoke out to customers about why they must boycott P&G because of the company's experiments on animals. We also gave out hundreds of leaflets highlighting UNCAGED campaign for a global boycott of P&G and we held posters reading BOYCOTT P&G and Procter & Gamble POISONS ANIMALS. In 2001 we dressed in white boiler suites and also done the very same demonstration inside the supermarkets and started filling up trolleys with P&G products, the demonstration was covered by the media here in Limerick both on radio and newspaper.

Circus Vegas has again being in the news recently and this time it's not because of our campaign to stop the use of animals. On their way from Galway a trailer from circus Vegas became loose and collided with a car killing the mother who was driving the car and her daughter also died as they made their way to the local school. Also news reports have highlighted the trailer that holds the elephants also went on fire whilst on the road from Dublin to Belfast and just recently a monkey was found in horrific conditions in the back of a van that was confiscated by police and the monkey has being sent to a wonderful caring sanctuary here in Ireland that specializes in helping to rehabilitate monkeys from laboratories and other exploitive industries. The monkey is believed to have come from Circus Vegas. Last November Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) and Animal Defenders International launched a nationwide campaign here in Ireland to ban the use of animals in Irish circuses, shortly after the campaign we organized demonstrations up and down the country, coordinated nationwide information stands, public meetings, media campaigns and our eye-catching SHACKLED' LONELY and BEATEN circus demo that has attracted nationwide headlines on TV, radio and newspapers for our campaign to get the public to boycott circuses that use animals. You can learn more about the Irish circus investigation by visiting www.ad-international.org

ARAN continues to promote the circus campaign here in Ireland. We also had the huge support from animal protection groups here in Ireland, UK, Europe and around the world including Australia and New Zealand who have written in support of our campaign to ban the use of animals in Irish circuses to the Irish government. Membership of all these groups amounts to hundreds of thousands and is a huge push to the campaign here.

We also brought our Shackled' Lonely and Beaten campaign to Belfast where a nude member of ARAN protested in from of a banner wearing little more than chains. This demonstration attracted huge attention from the public and was also featured on UTV live news twice that day and the following morning. We also conducted several radio interviews and the following day after the demonstration. Also with the news that the UK government is going to ban 'wild' or 'certain' animals from UK circuses we are hoping that the Northern Assembly once up and running again will do the same thing. Animal Defenders International have also sent the MP's a copy of their new latest scientific report on the welfare of animals in circuses, all the information was nearly conducted over the last few months for this report.

ARAN is also working with Northern Ireland Against Animal Cruelty to highlight the campaign there. In Lisburn the circus has started to arrive and the activists have now sent on copies of ADI's report and DVD to all the local councilors and they have since started work on a council ban, although this may take a while there is now even more work going on around the country to end the use of animals in circuses touring Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In Cork thanks to the ongoing determination of ARAN contact Celine o Donovan and a host of other volunteers including Ciaran her partner and friend Catherine Smith who are working on a similar campaign to support the ADI/ARAN campaign to ban the use of animals in circuses. Thanks to their hard work the council in Clonakilty has being lobbied by Celine and co for a similar council ban and Celine has also supplied all councilors in the area with a copy of the ADI investigation into Irish circuses, Celine has also conducted radio interviews on the campaign.

Just recently Duffy's circus visited Limerick city. On their arrival several members of ARAN held loud, noisy and very visual protests outside most of their opening nights to encourage people to stay away from these circuses that use animals, we also received media attention for these demos ensuring the even more people know about the campaign.

We also continue to press for the Arts Council to finally end their grant funding to circuses here in Ireland. We are continuing to write to the Arts council as well as ADI and other groups who have written letters and encouraging the arts council to stop the funding. Earlier this year ARAN organized a huge mobile billboard from ADI to tour Ireland and thanks to many generous donations and sponsorship from ADI we where able to bring this billboard all over Northern and Southern Ireland and also pulled up outside of the Arts Council in Dublin ensuring all the staff who where looking out the window knew exactly why we were there!

Limerick City Library also continues to promote our ARAN/ADI campaign by accepting our literature and proudly displays an ADI poster with the headlines Stop Circus Suffering with the picture of a very frightened elephant in the background.

PETA has also supported this campaign hugely by writing in support of our campaign and by posting an action alert on their websites including mailing this action alert to their entire activist network which will no doubt generate thousands of letters and emails. PETA have also provided a lot of support for our ongoing research into the circus campaign and the elephants held captive in Irish circuses.

Captive Animals Protection Society are also doing great work on the campaign to end the use of animals in circuses too and have also donated kindly to our billboard that recently toured Ireland, Thank you CAPS you rock!!!! www.captiveanimals.org

As we send this newsletter out we are preparing for our nationwide tour of our new anti-circus campaign which will be visiting Galway, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Wexford and Belfast. Fancy knowing more or to get involved please contact us today!

There is so much more happening with this campaign so please get in touch if you can help promote this campaign around Ireland.

ARAN will also be organizing a national demonstration this year to STOP CIRCUS SUFFERING and to BAN THE USE OF ANIMALS IN IRISH CIRCUSES, please let us know if you are interested in coming along.

To protest against Norway's decision to kill 1052 whales this year we held a visual and loud peaceful demonstration against the slaughter of these magnificent gentle whales. With two loud megaphones activists including excellent Sinead Hayes spoke out to the whole of Molesworth Street to call on Norway to stop killing Whales. The demonstration lasted for two hours and at one stage we had the whole of molesworth street stopping to watch was happening and we also distributed about 400 leaflets kindly supported by long time ARAN friend John Bull who is a fierce opponent of Whaling and who helped organize the protest with us. Prior to this demonstration we organized an international email blockade of the Norway embassy in Ireland and thanks to people all over the world including many other mailing list we were able to ensure that their inbox's where filled with complaints to call on Norway to end the hunt forever. There is another protest expected outside this embassy so please let us know if you would like to come along, you're more than welcome! Thanks also goes out to the great work being done by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and Irish Wildlife Trust who highlighted our protest on their websites ensuring any of their visitors were welcome to attend our peaceful protest, thank you guys! www.iwdg.ie and www.iwt.ie

Earlier in April we took part in the international cyber protest at Chinese Embassy's all over the world to call on China to end their fur trade. Groups all over the world also took part in this email blockade that was designed to highlight the call to end the trade. Earlier in March we also took part in an international day of action against the Chinese fur trade by organizing a day of action here in Ireland with small eye catching events being held throughout Ireland. The good news is that because of all the campaigning by members of the public, activists and animal protection groups around the world China has now announced their intention of ending the trade in Dog & cat fur. There is also a campaign here in Europe being led by Heather McCartney and MP Struan Stevenson to ban the importation of dog and cat fur, this campaign continues and well done to everyone for helping in this truly worldwide campaign, together we can truly do so much more for animals. www.HSUS.org for more information on there campaign in Europe.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard recently came to Ireland for an Irish visit, during his visit to Bertie Ahern members of ARAN turned up outside Leinster House with PETA's 'sheep' who previously followed him throughout his USA and Canadian visit. Here in Ireland we and the sheep holding signs reading "Mr Howard - STOP TORTURING SHEEP" followed him too. This protest was very visual and prior to him entering Leinster House we repeatedly crossed the 'sheep' over the road to get attention for PETA's campaign to ban live exports in Australia. We were also lucky to have a class full of students join our protest where they helped hold signs and give out leaflets supporting the campaign. ARAN volunteer Natasha Galvin who is also from Australia traveled with us to help organize the demonstration on the day. We also done interviews on Australian TV station Channel 7 who supply the whole of Australia's TV stations, we also provided them with PETA's investigation into the live exports there. International Network News also interviewed us and the story also was heard on several other Irish radio stations that day.

Working with Naturewatch which are based in the UK who are helping to campaign for the European Union to adopt measures that will help stray animals in the Ukraine and Romania. This month ARAN has written and sent declarations to every Irish MEP calling on the to support the measures being drafter up by Naturewatch and already we have received responses from the MEP's saying that they will support this declaration that will stamp out cruelty to stray animals and to make progress that will help eliminate huge problems in Romania and Ukraine. ARAN also works very closely with Animed Arad who is based in Romania and The Nature Heritage for the Future who are both doing amazing work on helping stray animals and working on placing them in loving caring permanent homes. For a copy of the declaration or to help lobby MEP's in your country please contact Naturewatch or contact us and we'll put you in touch with the campaigner working on this issue.

ARAN recently heard about plans for a new dog 'breeding' facility that was due to go for planning permission. Shortly after us finding out about these plans we heard the disastrous news that the planning permission had being given. Working with Clare Animal Welfare, ISPCA, Animal Care Society other groups and concerned people around the country we worked hard on getting An Taisce to pull the planning permission. ARAN also informed An Taisce that the planning permission should not be giving as these facilities are inheritantly cruel and the conditions right now for other 'breeding' facilities around the country are awful we also pointed out that there are calls in many countries around the world including the USA to ban dog breeding farms and also spoke about the 'raids' that have taking place on Irish puppy farms last year and in the past and the conditions the dogs and puppies where found in. Upon hearing this news we sent out an action alert all over Europe and around the world and thanks to many other mailing lists An Taisce was bombarded with emails and calls to stop the planning permission. As of now they tell us there is nothing they can do to stop the permission going ahead. We'll keep you posted on any developments and will be sure to let you know if building starts on this facility that should not be going ahead.

A close friend of ours and a long time animal campaigner and protectionist who has devoted her life to saving animals and ending their suffering was attacked in her house in Tralee co. Kerry shortly after her (Tess) rescuing two panic stricken dogs who where wondering around the local city centre. After Tess rescuing these dogs and bringing them back to her home to be cared for before work could begin on finding them caring, loving and permanent homes men from a local traveling community broke into her home and stole the dogs whilst terrifying Tess and her son who lives with her. Shortly after this happening news broke around the country the media picked up on the story giving Tess the chance to speak about what happened and also about the homeless and abandoned animals that need help. It was shocking tells Tess but she is continuing on with her dedicated work in Tralee and who is also vigorously supporting our circus campaign along with a new feral cat trapping program with the help of ARAN contact in Kerry Erin o Connell. Tess is a long time deeply committed animal advocate and we can only wish Tess many more years of health, happiness and the very best of luck on helping animals in her communities and beyond. Thank you Tess!

News broke that the Department of Agriculture in Dublin was due to take a precautionary step of killing over 10,000 chickens in Co. Limerick to prepare for a possible Bird flu epidemic. Soon after this news broke we began receiving calls and emails from concerned people wanting this slaughter to be stopped, ARAN spoke out against the killing and urged the department to stop the slaughter. Throughout the week this we distributed information about going vegetarian and sent out news releases up and down the country urging people everywhere to go vegetarian and to save a chickens life. This slaughter was carried out as a practice by the department of agriculture so that if bird flu came to Ireland they would know what to do - ARAN says its simple stop the killing and go vegan. For more information on how you can go veggie please visit www.viva.org.uk or www.goveg.co.uk

Launched just recently thanks to a long time ARAN friend and determined volunteer Ciara Kavanagh ARAN.ie is now fully up and running! Although pictures still need to be uploaded along with many more new exciting sections that will include News Release, Action alert and volunteering for ARAN sections and much more. Since the launch of the website we have recorded the number of unique hits going up everyday not only just here in Ireland but we are now receiving many hits from countries around the world. In the future we are hoping to maximize the potential of ARAN.ie by making it the forefront on the organization and already we have received tons of positive responses from visitors who are happy that we have set the website up and for the 'good work we are doing around Ireland'. Again be sure to keep checking ARAN.ie as more pictures and reports will be added weekly, please let us know what you think of the website if you have not already done so as we love to hear from everybody with comments or suggestions.

Have you got what it takes to run nude for the bulls at this years running of the nudes 2006 organized by PETA? 6 ARAN volunteers have so far registered to come along with us we are hoping even more will jump on board and come along with us. We will be leaving from Ireland on July 2nd where we'll spend the day and night in London hooking up with other animal rights activists before heading off with hundreds more PETA members from all over Europe. Last year was an amazing success and shortly we will have pictures up on ARAN.ie of our part taking in last years running which was amazing! Over 600 people peacefully marched through the streets of Pamplona calling for an end to the running of the bulls and bull fighting - that evening we celebrated compassion with a party back at the camp, but one thing still in the minds of everyone at the ROTN camp was to end the cruelty and stop the bullfighting and running of the bulls. If you live in Ireland please consider coming along with other ARAN volunteers to PETA's ROTN please email us right away and we will send you all the details and where to meet us prior to going to London.

ARAN continues to support the campaign to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). On a Sunday afternoon several activists from (ARAN) gathered in front of GSK in Dublin to peacefully protest against their use of animals in experiments and their involvement with the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. Activists shouted on megaphones at both sides to the main entrance before giving out leaflets in the local nearby neighborhood making sure that everyone who receives the leaflets now knows what GSK supports. We also poured fake blood from empty bottles of lucozade leaving a reminder of the business their in. We want to see medical research but without the animals. Using animals in experiments is not only unscientific; it's cruel, useless and a pure hindrance to scientific and medical research and so long as animals are used in experiments we'll never find cures we so desperately need for Cancer, HIV, Heart attacks, Alzheimer's and many more. As long as innocent, gentle and defenseless animals are caged up inside of HLS and other hell hole animal prisons we'll continue to be a thorn in HLS's side and other animal abusers. This is not the first protest ARAN has organized in support of SHAC's campaign, over the years we have targeted many banks and customers here in Ireland and at one stage written to many shareholders here in Ireland.

ARAN is all about networking with other activists and groups and thankfully to this day we have a wonderful relationship with many respected groups and people all over Ireland, Europe and around the world. Here in Ireland we support the great work being done by many other groups to end animal cruelty.

www.Irishantivivisection.org - Working on a campaign to ban potential primate experiments in Ireland.

www.Banbloodsports.com - Working on a nationwide campaign to ban bloodsports here in Ireland. ICABS also works on many other animal welfare issues and continues to keep the pressure on government to end bloodsports.

www.CIWF.ie - Thanks to the great work being done by CIWF Ireland has never being so close to banning fur farms. Their work to ban fur farms here in Ireland reached a critical point some months ago when there was a vote to ban fur farms in Ireland. Please ensure you offer your support to CIWF to ban fur farms here in Ireland.

www.monkeysanctuary.com - this sanctuary continues to do amazing work to help rehabilitate abused monkeys and primates from laboratories and other exploitive industries. Please be sure to check out their website and learn more about the great work their doing.

www.iwt.ie - The Irish Wildlife Trust continues to work on many issues all over Ireland campaigns and lobby's for the protection of Ireland's wildlife.

www.Limerickanimalwelfare.com - When we talk about first class on helping animals and getting a bang for your buck we mean it. As LAW we can safely say that this group is doing truly dedicated work on helping animals on the streets of Limerick and right now they are in the process of building a sanctuary that needs all the support they can get.

www.animalcaresociety.ie - Animal Care Society based in Cork also needs volunteers to help with their fundraising days. Also ACS continues to do great work on the ground both lobbying for animals and working on rescuing and rehoming animals in need. ACS has also being extremely supportive of our ARAN/ADI campaign to end the use of animals in circuses here in Ireland.
Thank you ACS.

www.GSPCA.ie - Galway SPCA works all over Galway and around the county dedicating their work to helping animals and working to end the cruelty.
Learn more about their work.

www.cussenscottage.com - thinking of staying in the west of Ireland and you're either Vegan or Vegetarian we can only love to recommend Cussens Cottage. Their highly recommended.

www.Irishsealsanctuary.ie - A dedicated group doing tremendous work conserving and protecting seals and the marine environment along the Irish coastal waters.

www.Clareanimalwelfare.com - a must for animal lovers all over the west.
Find out what these dedicated volunteers are doing to help animals on the streets, in circuses and much more, a truly dedicated friendly team of animal advocates, here at ARAN we just love CAW!
Day after day ARAN volunteers around the country work quietly behind the scenes gathering information, getting advice and organizing our outreach as well as helping to support campaigns that need everyone's help. Here is a list of some of the stuff ARAN has helped to campaign for over the last few weeks.

1. ARAN spoke out against the capture of a baby fox in a 'pet' shop in Carlow and thanks to the whistleblowers there the fox has now being placed in rehabilitation thanks to the support of the SPCA and hopefully soon this little guy can be sent back to the wild where he belongs.
2. Again thanks to a close long time ARAN friend and supporter Anna Sisk who blew the whistle on Newlands Garden Centre holding 'aqua' fish in plastic bags where these creatures where not fed until being bought by customer. Since seeing this she has made constant complaints to the company and is continuing to urge the company to stop selling fish altogether. ARAN is also supporting her by urging the company to end their sales of fish and other animals, can you help? Please let us know.
3. ARAN continues to support the campaign organized by our friends at SPEAK CAMPAIGNS that is aiming to stop the building of the primate facility at Oxford University. ARAN has written polite but firm letters to all involved in the production of this lab that we hope will never go ahead. This campaign is broadly supported by many animal protection groups and please lend SPEAK Campaigns your support, www.speakcampaigns.org.uk.
4. Helped support our colleagues at Advocates for Animals with their campaign to ban tail docking in Scotland.
5. In support of Sea Shepherd's campaign boycott we have written to Costco in the USA who are supplying seal oil capsules that have being directly associated with the killing of seals in Canada.
6. Continues to write as much letters and emails as possible in support of ICABS current campaigns.
7. Signed numerous online petitions in support of many urgent campaigns to end cruelty.
8. Written to the UK's National Trust not to allow the hunting of deer with dogs on their lands. Good news IFAW reports are that the National Trust has backed down because of pressure.
9. Written to Department of Agriculture and Prime Minister's office calling for them to end the use of animals in circuses, this was followed by letters from over two dozen animal protection groups in support of our campaign with ADI.
10. Written to Gulliver Infores Services Ltd to end their publicizing of bullfighting
11. and much much more.

Just recently over 2000 people joined a protest against bull fighting in Portugal largely organized by our colleagues at Animal Portugal which was also supported by Animal Defenders International, a large demonstration in the UK coordinated by VIVA to ban live exports attracted almost 800 people according to VIVA and a demonstration organized by SPEAK attracted nearly 1200 - this is when people get together and look what can be achieved. Seeing pictures of this protest was truly amazing. Right now here in Ireland and around the world animals are being exploited and being exploited on a huge scale and right now more than ever before do they need us. Here at ARAN we want to thank each and everyone of you who have volunteered for us, attended our protests, financially supported our work, done research, gave us advice, spoke so positively about the work we do for animals and much more or if you are a group with whom we support or work with, but right now more than ever before we all need to join together and support each other in our efforts to end cruelty to animals. We all need to work together because we think that we can move mountains for animals by doing so. If you can help ARAN with our work to end animal cruelty or if you want to start getting more involved in helping animals here in Ireland please let us know, who knows next major demonstration we organize might attract 2000 people just like the one in Portugal! Thank you from all of us here at ARAN and our beloved animal companion friends!

Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) - Ireland's National Animal Rights Group