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Fur Farming in Ireland

From: ARAN
Subject: Fur Farming in Ireland
September 1, 2010

Hi Sheila,

Victories don't come as fast as we'd like in our movement, but in Ireland, ARAN has got some encouraging news that I know you'll welcome.

We recently celebrated a long awaited 'victory' for animals with an outright ban on the Ward Union carted stag hunt, that involves the chasing of a terrified, helpless stag, with a pack of dogs. This 'victory' did not go down without a determined fight. ARAN and our vociferous supporters campaigned hard every step of the way to ensure this historic legislation passed, and it did!

ARAN is now gearing up for our next potential 'victory'. In the coming weeks, Irish government are due back to work. ARAN wants to ensure the proposed fur farming in Ireland ban becomes law, and phased out by 2012 as agreed (or sooner!). This progressive legislation will have a thundering snowball effect across the globe in the international campaign to rid the world of these disgusting, cruel, farms. Ireland's potential ban will encourage the campaign in Sweden, where work is underway to bring in a national ban there too. Other countries are now counting on us in Ireland to ensure this proposed ban becomes law.

I am writing to you for some help. At ARAN, we have set ourselves a special fundraising challenge this month to raise vital funds to ensure we take on our next battle to push forward this proposed legislation, and it won't go down without a fight from those involved in this exploitive industry. ARAN's plan will involve press campaigns, a national demonstration during a possible 'vote', nationwide action, leaflet distribution, school education. But there's more, we are so confident that our movement here will get the fur farming ban through, we are already planning to re-launch our nationwide 'Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland' campaign with even more vigour, which until now was hugely successful until our efforts were directed to the Ward Union hunt ban.

I know that over the coming months and near future we'll begin working on local council motions to ban animal act circuses. We already have been successful with supporting motions in Cork and Fingal Council to outlaw animal act circuses, and I want you to know we have the circus industry worried here in Ireland. ARAN's aim is to bring that small, but exploitive industry to its knees, just like they have done to helpless animals they torn from the wild, and that's why we desperately need your help with a donation to push all this progressive work through.

Fundraising is wasting so much of our time, and not something we like doing, but I realize ARAN's work is quiet impressive considering our size, it's often money that stops us from going further. Will you please help get these exciting and potential 'victories' for those poor animals through? No one gets paid at ARAN, we are all volunteers. We ensure every donation is spent wisely.

Our record of helping animals, I am sure you'll agree, is unique here in Ireland. Send ARAN as generous a donation as you can to ensure we get back out on the streets over the coming weeks and months to fight for those animals living in hell right now. I want to bring you some exciting news on the fur farming ban and more, but I feel we'll need to prepare for action in the coming weeks and I hope you'll stand by us in Ireland, and support these exciting and potential 'victories'. Together, I know we can make a big difference to the lives of so many animals who are counting on you and I to be their most fearless defender. I am sure the animal abusing industries would want you to say no to our appeal or even just ignore it ' it's silence that keeps all their nasty trades alive.

Will you help? Donate online using our email address with a credit card, or mail a check made payable to ARAN and send c/o John Carmody. Your donation will be used instantly to fund our planned campaigns. I will ensure that you are fully briefed of all ARAN's work throughout, so you'll know how your donation is being put to work for animals.
Thank you for all you do to help animals in need,

John Carmody

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