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37 Irish Celebrities Urge IGB to Abandon Greyhound Racing in China Plans


Please see below an article in today's Irish Daily Mail in relation to the 37 Irish celebrities that have spoke out against plans by the Irish Greyhound Board's proposed racing venture in China. ARAN would like to thank the work of Irish celebrity and singer, Sharon Shannon, for working hard to get the celebrities to speak out against the proposed plans. Click here for their letter in yesterday's Irish Times. In an interview with the Irish Daily Mail yesterday, ARAN backed calls for the CEO of the IGB, Adrian Neilan, to step down as a matter of urgency in relation to him overseeing this wreck-less plan that in another way, has given more spotlight to the immense suffering and cruelty associated with greyhound racing than what any animal protection group could have asked for. One email to ARAN yesterday called it 'An own goal'.


Email the CEO of the Irish Greyhound Board, Adrian Neilan, and ask him to step down as a matter of urgency for overseeing this wreck-less plan of greyhound racing in China -- a country that has no human rights laws -- let alone animal protection laws. However, we know that greyhounds from Ireland won't be sent there now, but, the IGB want to oversee and run greyhound racing in China.

Click here for an Irish Times article on the venture, which is looking increasingly likely.

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Send your polite email to  and be sure to CC' in your email the following, ; , and if possible, forward ARAN a copy so we can track the volume of correspondence. Be sure to forward this email far and wide to generate maximum campaign pressure to help our greyhound friends.

Thank you for all you are doing to fight animal abuse, together we can make a big difference.


'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

P.S. This weekend The Irish Sunday Mirror will be running an article on animal experiments in Ireland, please be sure to check it out.

We are currently working on developing a brand new ARAN.IE  website, once launched, we will be releasing a new round of hard-hitting campaigns, effective actions, lively demonstrations, so be ready for a summer of action for animals. We are also working on possible plans to hold our national march and rally against cruelty to animals in Dublin, if you would like to see this happen, please email us your ideas and feedback, we'll be letting all supporters and groups know in the coming months.

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