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Dear ARAN Members and Supporters,

Check out the new program for government which was passed yesterday with

some exciting advances for the animals!

In the new upcoming Irish animal welfare bill it has been agreed that

Provisions of the legislation will be a commitment to:

o Adopt the principles and 5 freedoms set out in the recent Scottish

Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, particularly in relation to

cruelty and neglect, to ensure that the welfare of animals is properly

protected and that the penalties for offenders are increased significantly,

o Replace the culling of badgers with more effective and humane methods of


o Phase-out fur farming over three years

o End stag hunting

Animal Rights Action Network would like to extend our thanks for the above

to the Irish Green Party for putting these proposals forward which should

now go into action and thank John Gormley for helping to make this a

reality. Please do everything you can to attend Animal Rights Action

Network's huge march for animals on December 6th in Dublin, visit our

website for more - let's work for even more changes for animal


Thank you for everything you are doing to help animals, from us all here at

Animal Rights Action Network

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