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Israeli Parliament Marks First Animal Rights Day

The Israeli organization for Animal Rights, Anonymous -  - organised the first Animal Rights Day in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, on Jan 1, 2008, including the highlighting of vegetarian food at the Knesset cafeteria. The focal point of the event was the launching of "The Declaration of Animal Rights", which states:

"Out of a ethical recognition of the fact that animals go through countless experiences similar to those experienced by all of us -- agony and joy, fear and happiness, curiosity and boredom, social contacts, parent-offspring attachment and more -- I hold that there is no justification for ignoring the basic needs of animals, and that it is our duty as humans and as a society to take action to protect their basic rights. These rights include, among others, the right not to suffer violence, hunger and thirst, the right for living in a space allowing free movement, and the right for natural behavior.

I believe the state of Israel has the duty to protect the rights of the animals, and pledge to try to adopt habits in my personal life as well, that will prevent harm to animals."

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