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AR group campaigns against vineyard fencing

From the window of a pickup truck rumbling along a rocky dirt path and into the forest toward Har Adar, a giant statue of a gazelle came into view.

"We're afraid that this is the only thing we'll have left," Amir Balaban, ecologist and director of the Jerusalem Bird Observatory of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, told The Jerusalem Post during a journalists' tour of the area on Tuesday.

In the distance and below the Belmont Castle area of the Crusaders and Castel National Park were in full view, as was a brand new concrete development coming from the Kiryat Anavim community and hillsides of new wineries, surrounded in barbed wire fences.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), along with an NGO called Let the Animals Live, has launched an ongoing campaign to stop the vineyard owners Barkan Wineries -- from erecting fences around their grapes, which while protecting the fruit from hungry gazelles, also pose a danger to these animals and others, according to the organizations.

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