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Major Israeli lab expose:

 The cameras are located in a big institute that conducts animal experiments- in the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, Weizmann Institute and the Technion.

Half a million innocent, sensitive animals, are being pushed into laboratories, and taken out through the incinerators like a smoking spiral after being tormented in the laboratories. Animals, whose only sin is their low price and high availability, are being used as tools in the hands of experimenters that take cover behind the closed laboratory doors.

 "I asked him, "why you are using this model"? He told me "This is a classic model that has existed for the last 60 years. You inject the rat tuberculosis bacteria and the rats develop arthritis' I am working with rats because I'm used to them. They are easy to be examined, the examination is to check how much the rat's foot becomes red and swollen, and it's easier to spot it in rats. I'm doing it out of habit and comfort- this model is easier to me. There isn't a single thing that doesn't interest men; science is an area that anybody can find his niche".

Cameras inside animal-testing laboratories.

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