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Israeli Anti-Fur Demo

From: Jane Halevy - Anti-Fur Coalition
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2010
Subject: for the Israeli demo/ photographer: Ronen Machev

Here is our report and pictures attached.. kissesss
Huge Success for Worldwide Fur Free Friday - Breaks All Existing Records!!
In Israel a record breaking 500 activists came together to take part in the local rally for Worldwide Fur Free Friday. In another first, here was a second action, a tabling on Shenkin Street. The number of global locations, also broke all existing records; as the number of actions the world over reached to about 200, bringing the worldwide participation to number in the tens of thousands. An international cyber involvement was also set up for the first time; enabling those that couldn't make it to an action in person.

The streets of Tel-Aviv were overflowing; as 500 of the public, carrying posters depicting the millions of animals, often skinned alive in the fur trade, walked from the meet-up point at Rabin center, to the long march through the high streets and their classy shops that sell fur, to arrive at Kikar ha'midina. Hundreds of people came from all over Israel, young, old and families, many brought their furry friends (animals lucky enough not to be among the dogs that are skinned alive for fur and sold to the unsuspecting public via mislabeling!) The emotion was obvious as the well inform participants, some with tears in their eyes, appealed to all not to buy fur.
MK Ronit Tirosh attented the protest as well!

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