Please Help Rescuers of Animals Abandoned due to War in Northern Israel

The dog Ruth that rescued from the Lehavot Habashan

Thousand of residents of northern Israel have left their homes fleeing south in search of sanctuary from the rocket and missile attacks. As a result hundreds of animals have been abandoned in the streets of the cities, towns, and settlements with no food, water, or shelter from the intense summer heat or Hezbollah attacks.

We have begun dispatching teams to collect the abandoned animals and bring them to safety in the center of Israel. We are committed to provide shelter, food, veterinary care until the end of this crisis or longer.

As Israelis largest animal rescue and rights organization working non profit and dependent primarily on public donations. Under normal circumstances it is not easy to support all the animals in need of our assistance but in times of crisis like this one when the expense of the emergency effort is totally outside our normal budget it is impossible for us to provide the necessary rescue services without additional support.

We are therefore appealing to you to help up raise the necessary resources (i.e. money, supplies, internet advertisement, referrals, volunteers etc).

Janet in her shelter. 180 dogs in her shelter

Information about our organization is available on our website

Inquiries and donations may be made through Eti Altman at or

Thank you and shalom,

Eti Altman

Founder and Director

Let the Animals Live


Animals in the shadow of war: the rescue work of Israeli animal rescue organization "Let Animals Live"

Husky that rescued from Nahariya

As a result of Israeli families fleeing the Hizboulleh bombardments in the north many animals have been abandoned, lost, run away or hiding - trying to survive on their own without food, water or shelter from the bombs and summer sun.

Let the Animals Live has set up an emergency headquarters to assist the animal victims of this war. Every day we dispatch a rescue to team to the north to gather up the dogs, cats and other animals that have been abandoned and bring them back to the safety in the center of the country. Let the Animals Live is also taking animals from the shelters of the northern animal organizations and municipal dog bounds which are collapsing from the burden of the large number of animals coming into to their shelters. The animals are being brought to private boarding facilities where Let the Animals Live is funding their accommodations and veterinary evaluation and care. In addition we are sending other teams to distribute food and bowls of water for the feral cats and other animals in the now almost empty kibbutzim, moshavim and other types of settlements throughout the north. We also have teams working to locate the owners of the abandoned animals and make arrangements for eventual family reunifications and as well as finding new permanent and foster homes for the rest.

We are calling on the public in Israel and throughout the world to assist us in our very costly rescue efforts by donations and adoptions. Please help us take responsibility for helping those who are unable to fend and speak for themselves to survive this very difficult time.

The dog Sai rescued from the north and waiting for adoption

Please contact our headquarters by phone at

972-3-6241776 ext 1

or email

With appreciations and prayers for peace and safety of all those caught in this enormous tragedy,

Eti Altman - Founder and Director

Let the Animals Live

Additional pictures of dogs that rescued in north Israel:

Rescued from Tzfat

Dogs from Janet shelter in Lehavot Habashan

Rescued from Tzfat

Rescued from Nahariya

Rescued from Nahariya



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