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Protest Mazor Farm's breeding

Animal rights activists, rock and rap groups protest Mazor Farm's breeding, exporting of primates to Europe for vivisection purposes; Let Animals Live spokesperson Anat Refua: The farm is responsible for the fact that non-cruel alternatives to animal testing are not being applied.
About 150 people gathered at Tel Aviv's Meir Park Friday afternoon to protest the breeding of monkeys for laboratory testing in Europe.

According to local animal rights groups, the primate breeding farm at Moshav Mazor (situated between Petah Tikva and Ben-Gurion Airport) places Israel in third place, after China and Mauritius, in the exportation of monkeys to Europe for vivisection purposes.
"The monkeys are kidnapped in Mauritius and industrially bred at the farm; the babies are separated from their mothers and sent to the labs. This industry puts a large black stain on Israel," she said.

According to Refua, the monkeys are used predominantly in toxicology tests for cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies and for brain research; these tests, she says, have 'non-cruel' alternatives.

"The Mazor Farm is responsible for the fact that these alternatives are not being applied," she said.

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