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12 arrested in a protest at Green Hill in Italy and Anonymous fights back

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Penny Tilton
Kansas City Animal Advocacy Examiner

April 28, Montichiari Italy, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) of Italy, protested Green Hill, a facility that breeds and raises Beagles for animal testing. Dozens of ALF protesters infiltrated one of the breeding kennels that housed the female dogs and their puppies. Once inside the facility the protesters managed to release 1 adult female beagle and 25-30 puppies, before the police intervened and arrested 12 of the protesters. Allegedly this has set off a cyber attack from Anonymous called SD fur.

At 16:15 a group of ALF protesters hurled stones at the first building of kennel, they then climbed over the fence to reach the cages where the animals are locked up. As the Police were trying to get past the blockade of outside protesters, a dozen other ALF protesters came out carrying handfuls of puppies and one adult female beagle. The protesters started lifting the dog and puppies over the fence to the ALF protesters on the other side. The ALF protesters managed to release some 25-30 puppies before police broke through the barricade of protesters. The police eventually arrested 12 of the protesters and seized 7 of the puppies. Some protesters said they 'experienced violence by some of the officials.'

The police took the puppies to different police stations, and notified Green Hill to come pick them up. Green Hill told the officials 'they would not take them back because the animal's isolation had been interrupted and corrupted.'
According to one ALF protester 'all the animals had a strong smell of urine, and one puppy about 8 months old, has an incision that runs the full length of his abdomen.'

Officials are still holding 7 of the 12 ALF protesters that were arrested. Anonymous has sent the message below:

28/04/2012 Italy

'Attack of the site SD Fur: Anonymous has made an attack against those who derive profit from the blood and the suffering of animals. We intend to support with our means of speciesism and the victims of human cruelty. We want to raise awareness about the daily barbarism that are committed in the name of profit and bloody fashion, these animals are blinded and deafened before their death. These are innocent victims, and we will send a clear message to perpetrators. This is just the beginning.'

OpSaveAnimals # # # OpItaly Operationgreenrights

No word on if that company has been hacked.

ALF is asking people, 'if you would like to demand the release of the 7 remaining ALF protesters please call the Police station in Italy at +39 030 37441.'

Petition to release the protesters

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