December 18, 2007 -- Action Reports

reported by activists in Italy:

"November 29 - Parma (Italy)
Local Zoolandia shop gets 2 litres of paint on the entrance and 2 signs smashed. This shop has been 'on sale' for the last 6 months, but is still open.

November - Milano (Italy)
Pharmacology University is redecorated with paint bombs, while stones smashed windows at the entrance. This building, where a lot of animals are vivisected every day, was raided on april 2006 and has been subject to numerous direct actions.

November - casalecchio Di Reno (Italy)
Tommasini fur shop is paint-bombed for the second time in a few weeks.

November 29 - Italy
A slug breeding farm has been raided! A lot of these little animals have been carefully taken away and saved.

December 5 - Emilia Romagna (Italy)
'ALA' milk lorry has its tyres slashed.

December 10 - Sassuolo (modena)
Local Zoolandia shop is attacked again: front windows smashed with stones"

December 11, 2007 -- Rabbit Farm Emptied

reported by activists in Italy:

"24 October - Emilia Romagna -Italy
A rabbit farms is emptied. 14 rabbits are taken away and after a period to adapt them out of cages liberated in the wild. The action has been dedicated to Barry Horne."

December 9, 2007 -- Windows Broken, Animals Rescued from Pet Shop

reported by activists in Italy:

"November 22 - Sassuolo (MO) - Italy
Zoolandia pet-shop has 2 windows smashed with stones

August 2007 - Piacenza (Italy)
Activists claimed the liberation of 1 hamster and 1 mouse from the local
Zoolandia pet-shop."


December 8, 2007 -- Church Painted to Protest Slaughter of Lambs

received anonymously (translation):

"Tonight we spraypainted the walls adjacent to a church so that the faithful read about the torture that they impose on innocent creatures. We wrote, 'One day our grandchildren will ask us: Where were you during the holocaust of the animals? What did you do against these horrifying crimes? We won't be able to offer the same excuse the second time, that we didn't know.' 'Every year millions of lambs are slaughtered in the name of God', "You do not deserve the love of animals, be more humane. ALF'.

We also wanted to spread red paint on the marble facade of a hunter's house and to write on the windows of his store but someone alerted the police and we had to escape, leaving the job half completed. We will return to complete it."

"Questa notte siamo andate con vernice e bombolette spray a marchiare i muri adiacenti ad una chiesa in modo che i fedeli leggano le torture che impongono a innocenti creature senzienti. Abbiamo scritto "Un giorno i nostri nipoti ci chiederanno: dove eravamo durante l'olocausto animale? Cosa avete fatto per fermare questi terribili crimini? Noi non useremo la stessa scusa per la seconda volta : che non lo sapevamo." "Ogni anno milioni di agnelli sono sgozzati in nome di dio" "Non meritate l'amore degli animali,siate pi� umani. ALF"

Volevamo cospargere di vernice rossa anche la facciata in marmo della casa di un cacciatore e scrivere sulle vetrine del suo negozio ma qualcuno ha avvisato la polizia e siamo dovute scappare lasciando il lavoro a met�.
Ovviamente torneremo a completarlo."

November 30, 2007 -- Video Released from Lab Raid

Video has been released from the October 10 raid on a research center during which rabbits, ducks, rats, mice and over 200 chickens were liberated.

November  21, 2007 -- Liberation for Barry

reported by activists in Italy:

"November 5 - Mozzate (Como)
During the night a cell of activists visited a farm breeding partridges for the hunting industry, cutting open one of the big fences imprisoning the animals. Local newspapers reported the action on full page, interviewing the farmer, who said he was awoken by his dogs barking and came out, forcing the activists to escape.

An anonymous communique claimed the action saying they carried it out until the farmer came out and they couldn't open all the fences and free all the birds. They claimed the action in solidarity with Barry Horne 'whose spirit is still inspiring us to take action', they said, and left spraypainted slogans like 'free the animals - Barry lives'."

Oct 21, 2007 -- Yet Another Pheasant Farm Raided

reported by activists in Italy:

"october 12 - Bucine (Arezzo)

An anonymous communique received by La Nemesi magazine claims a raid at a pheasant farm in Bucine, Arezzo. The activists say hundreds upon hundreds of animals were confined in fences before their action. They dedicated this action to the Silvestre defendants, now on trial for allegedly taking part in environmental direct actions.
(There have been 6 pheasants liberations since june this year in Italy, with probably 30.000 animals flying away from their prisons. These farms breed pheasants for what they pretend is restoring wild populations, but it is just a lucrative business for shooters, most of these animals end up in closed shooting areas.)

October 20, 2007 -- Fur Shop, Butchers Painted

anonymous report:

"October 14 - Bologna
The ALF claims damages at 1 fur shop (black paint on entrance and windows, slogans on all the walls), 2 butcher shops (slogans, stones, red paint inside the shop and on the windows), 1 fish shop (slogans)."

October 18, 2007 -- Thousands of Pheasants Fly Free

reported by activists in Italy:

"17-10-2007 Migliarino (Pisa)
A pheasant farm was raided during the night by a group of people who left behind graffiti on a wall warning, 'close the farm or we'll be back'. The nets and fences of 6 pens containing 10.000 pheasants were completely trashed and more than half of the animals escaped. Added to this, and putting the owner in tears doubting if he can go on with the job, water pumps, light cables, buildings and tractors were damaged and a new car dosed with paintstripper. The owner said the work had been done by many well-organized people. This farm was heavily damaged by a huge snowfall in 2005 and was just recovering. This could be the final nail for them, the owner Vito Cornacchia said. He said it is not only the damages, estimated at more than 100.000 euros, but also the idea that there are people who hate him and are able to do this kind of damage; that makes him think twice about going on or not...."

October 16 -- Rabbits, Ducks, Chickens Mice Rescued from Laboratory

anonymous communique (click here for photos):

"10-10-2007 Brescia
Tonight 2 rabbits, 13 ducks, 2 rats, 10 mice, 9 hens/chickens and about 200 chicks have had their lives changed, freed from the cages of a vivisection lab and safe from the experiments and death they were destined for. For these animals the dream to live free, play in the grass and enjoy sunlight, has come true.

The lab where we took these animals from is in a basement of the "Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna," in Brescia. IZS is a state-funded research centre, a huge complex with many buildings, warehouses, offices, sheds and research labs.

The experiments the animals undergo at this centre are carried out for the benefit of farmers. Private animal abuse businesses are sustained and supported by research centres like IZS, where the torture of thousands of animals is paid for with public money.
Many of the animals we saved were used for experiments on vaccines; the Gumboro disease for chickens and MEV for rabbits.
Just a glimpse of what these creature are undergoing: the rabbits inoculated with MEV die of hemorrhages, their organs are then used to produce MEVAX, a vaccine patented by the same IZS of Brescia. During the still ongoing experiments rabbits have died while blood samples were taken directly from the heart.
Mice are infected with a flu virus, a low risk stock, but we handled them with care anyway and they will live isolated from other animals.
A scare created by IZS or the usual defenders of vivisection should be seen just as a pathetic attempt to cover the dirty business of researchers and discredit the actions of those moved by compassion. If there is anyone putting at risk human health it is the scientists, reckless individuals who play with viruses, and farmers, owners of concentration camps where diseases spread easily due to the intensive farming conditions.
It is not an exaggeration to say that all this fury toward sentient and helpless beings, and all this ridiculous science made up of trials done thousands of times with no results, finds its only excuse for existence in fighting diseases spreading in farms due to infections caused by overcrowded conditions, bad hygiene, and stress, all of which help to create a fertile ground for viruses. The only solution is the end of these concentration camps.

Saving these desperate beings was not difficult: we studied the routine of the guards and found the best way to enter one of the labs, in this case a small window at the back, near the railway. Many times we entered to inspect the rooms, finding segregated animals, many in aseptic conditions inside isolators and always with artificial light on. We read through documents about the experiments and took a look at their fridges full of organs, and filmed the sad life of these animals and the agony of dozens of chicks left to die in their cage.
Many animals who we saw in the past weeks were no longer there. They have been sacrificed and we were not in time to save them. To them, and to all those we could not reach, we dedicate this night when passing through the window, scaling a fence, we went out on the railway, towards the dark and the fresh air, towards the end of this nightmare.

Behind us we left an empty and completely devastated lab: isolators damaged, paint on the cages, slogans spraypainted on walls, feed packets destroyed, sinks clogged and rooms flooded.
Untill the last slaughterhouse and the last vivisection lab is burned to the ground.


Original Italian communique:
"10-10-2007 - Brescia

Questa notte 2 conigli, 13 papere, 2 ratti, 10 topi, 9 tra galli e galline e circa 200 pulcini hanno cambiato vita, uscendo dalle gabbie di un laboratorio di vivisezione e sfuggendo agli esperimenti e alla morte a cui erano destinati. Per questi animali il sogno di poter vivere liberi, razzolando nell'erba o godendosi la luce del sole, si e' tramutato in realta'.

Il laboratorio da cui li abbiamo prelevati e' in un sotterraneo dell'Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna, a Brescia. L'IZS e' un centro di ricerca pubblico, un'immensa area con molti edifici, magazzini, uffici, stalle e laboratori di ricerca.

Gli esperimenti a cui vengono sottoposti gli animali in questo centro sono al servizio degli allevatori e della zootecnia. Quest'ultimo settore privato di sfruttamento animale viene sostenuto e avvallato da centri di ricerca come gli IZS, in cui la tortura di migliaia di animali e' pagata con soldi pubblici.
Molti degli animali che abbiamo salvato erano utilizzati in test di vaccini; la malattia di Gumboro per i polli, la MEV per i conigli.
UMANA. Un'idea di cosa devono subire queste creature: i conigli ai quali viene inoculata la MEV muoiono per emorragia, i loro organi utilizzati per produrre il vaccino MEVAX, brevettato dallo stesso IZS di Brescia. Durante le sperimentazioni ancora in corso alcuni conigli sono morti per i prelievi direttamente dal cuore.
Ai topi hanno iniettato un virus influenzale, un ceppo non ad alto rischio, ma abbiamo comunque preso precauzioni nel toccarli e trasportarli, e vivranno isolati da altri animali.
Un allarme lanciato dall'IZS o dai soliti lacche' della vivisezione e' da vedersi solo come un patetico tentativo di coprire le oscure trame dei ricercatori e screditare le azioni di chi mette in pratica la compassione. Se c'e' qualcuno che mette a rischio la popolazione sono gli scienziati, incoscienti che lavorano sui virus, e gli allevatori, gestori di lager in cui si propagano malattie dovute alle condizioni intensive di prigionia.
Non e' un'esagerazione affermare che tutto questo accanimento su esseri senzienti ed indifesi e questa ridicola scienza fatta di prove ripetute mille volte e nessuna scoperta realmente utile, trova il suo unico motivo di esistere nella scusa di dover contrastare le malattie che nascono negli allevamenti, dovute ad infezioni causate da sovraffollamento, condizioni igieniche pessime, cure inesistenti e stress, che fanno trovare ai virus un terreno fertile. L'unica soluzione e' la fine di questi luoghi di concentramento.

Salvare questi disperati esseri viventi non e' stato cosi' difficile:
ci e' bastato osservare la routine dei due guardiani e trovare il punto migliore per accedere ad uno dei laboratori, in questo caso una finestrella sul retro, vicino alla ferrovia. Molte volte siamo entrati ad ispezionare queste stanze, trovando animali segregati, alcuni in condizioni asettiche dentro ad incubatori e con perenne luce artificiale. Abbiamo spulciato i documenti delle sperimentazioni e guardato nei frigoriferi pieni di organi, facendo un filmato che testimonia la triste vita di questi animali e l'agonia di decine di pulcini lasciati morire in gabbia.
Molti animali che abbiamo visto nelle scorse settimane adesso non ci sono piu'. Sono stati sacrificati e non abbiamo fatto in tempo a salvarli. A loro, e a tutti quelli che non siamo riusciti a raggiungere, dedichiamo questa notte in cui dalla finestra, scavalcando una rete, siamo usciti verso la ferrovia, verso il buio e l'aria fresca, verso la fine di questo incubo.

Dietro alle nostre spalle abbiamo lasciato un laboratorio vuoto e completamente devastato: incubatori danneggiati, vernice sulle gabbie, scritte sui muri, sacchi di mangime rotti, lavandini sigillati e locali allagati.
Fino a quando l'ultimo macello e l'ultimo laboratorio di vivisezione non saranno rasi al suolo.

October 14, 2007 -- Birds Freed From Zoo

reported by activists in Italy:

"8 October - Stresa, Verbania (Italy)
Local media report a raid at the Stresa zoo, aimed at freeing 5 rare birds. During the night the cages were opened and the birds freed; a leaflet was left inside the cages. The action has been claimed by a group calling themselves 'society against the mistreatement of animals in captivity'."

October 14 -- Homes of Novartis Workers Covered in Slogans

two anonymous reports:

October 3 - Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). D'Ovidio Ovidio, an important Novartis representative, has been visited and his house covered with painted slogans against the involvement of his company with vivisection. The activists write, "These torturers cannot live in peace."

Original Italian communique:
Stanotte abbiamo deciso di fare una visita di scortesia a D'Ovidio Ovidio, Via Isonzo 8, Sesto San Giovanni, un personaggio molto importante per la multinazionale delle torture: Novartis.
Delle scritte e molta vernice rossa gli hanno ricordato le sue responsabilita'.
Questi aguzzini non possono vivere tranquilli.
Basta Vivisezione!"

October 1 - Milan. The home of Bertani Roberto, Novartis manager, has been daubed with paint and covered with slogans.

Italian communique:
Lasciate delle scritte e litri di vernice sull'ingresso dell'abitazione di Bertani Roberto (Novartis): basta torture sugli animali. Novartis boia assassini. B. R. aguzzino e' residente in Via Valtorta 26, Milano.
La vivisezione va fermata subito con ogni mezzo necessario."

October 14, 2007 -- Rabbits Rescued

reported by activists in Italy:

During the night of September 7, the ALF freed 3 rabbits from the house of a farmer in Bamporto (MO).

Italian communique:
"Incontro Informale per la Liberazione Animale

La notte fra il 7 e l'8 settembre, in concomitanza con "l'incontro nazionale per la liberazione animale" abbiamo liberato 3 conigli dalla casa di una contadina a Bamporto (MO).
Ci sarebbero molte riflessioni da fare su quell'agglomerato di persone che chiamano "movimento" ma non facendone parte preferiamo ribadire che la liberazione animale non va teorizzata ma messa in pratica. Il "movimento" animalista da cui ci vediamo circondati, invece, troppo spesso si riduce a essere un gruppo di persone che non fa altro che seguire una "moda" animalista che alla fine si rivela essere troppo vuota per essere portata sul piano reale.
Ci sono persone che per inserirsi in quel movimento si sono fatte strada infamando altri attivisti mentre nessun altro si opponeva a queste delazioni. Quando si dice la solidarieta'...
Ci sono persone egoiste che chiaccherano di lotta contro il carcere ed il sessismo ad es. solo perche' stanno seguendo un modello (moda? il soggiorno e' pagato da mamma e papa').
Ma poi non sentendo dentro di loro queste idee sono sessisti nei fatti e violente come secondini.
Si ricordino che il megafono non rende le persone migliori e anche se si fanno chiamare "compagni" con la loro divisa composta da toppe e magliette modaiole assomigliano piu' che altro a carabinieri. Sono rivoluzionari quanto i gruppi musicali per cui vivono.
ciascuno raccoglie il movimento che semina. Ci sentiamo vicini a quelle poche persone che portano avanti la lotta per la liberazione animale nel cuore.
Dedicato a Daniele e Francesco.
Dedicato a noi stessi.

Fronte di Liberazione Animale (ALF)"


October 14, 2007 -- Birds Safe from Hunters

reported by activists in Italy:

"September 2007 - Fosdinovo (Massa )
A communique sent to the magazine La Nemesi and signed 'a liberator' claims the opening of a cage containing many singing birds used by hunters as a way to call the wild ones and shoot them. The liberator says he went to visit the cage the day after and found it completely empty!"

October 6, 2007 -- Rabbits Liberated, Cages Destroyed, Tractors Sabotaged

reported by activists in Italy:

"Appiano Gentile (Como) - october 5th
Newspapers reported that in Appiano Gentile, north of Italy, thousands of rabbits have been liberated from a farm.
Slogans have been left such as: 'farm = concentration camp', 'murderers=your property is now free', 'eating animals is horrible. Breeding them in this concentration camp is vile. You Suck'.

Among the liberated animals dozen of female breeders have been liberated, breeding cards thrown in the sewage, hundreds of cages destroyed and two tractors sabotaged.

Damages for the farmer amount to many thousands of euro."

October 5, 2007 -- Morini Worker's Car Covered in Paint Stripper

reported by activists in Italy:

"Montecchio Emilia (Reggio Emilia) - September 21
An anonymous message received by "La Nemesi" magazine claims an action against a Morini farm collaborator. In front of her garden a leaflet has been left reading 'Friends of Morini are not our friends'. A car has been damaged with paintstripper. The communique says that they will consider every company and every person collaborating with the farm possible targets and that they will stop only when they will see the farm closed for good."

(Click here to learn more about the campaign against the laboratory animal supplier Morini farm.)


August 30, 2007 -- Rabbits, Guinea Pigs Rescued from Farm

reported by activists in Italy:

"August 4, Rome (Italy)

A communique signed FLA (Fronte di Liberazione Animale) claims the liberation of 8 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and 1 partridge from a farm called 'Coop. Capodarco', in Rome. Slogans were also left. This social coop helps people with handicaps to find a job, and what they teach them is to farm animals in small cages! Their good face has not been a deterrent for the FLA. Unfortunately the activists say they could not do anything for all the hens lying in there, but smashed dozens of eggs."

Italian communique:
Liberati 8 conigli, 2 porcellini d'india, una pernice.

La Coop. Capodarco e' nota da anni per il suo impegno nel sociale...
La Coop Capodarco lavora a stretto contatto con "portatori di handicap" e li aiuta ad "inserirsi" offrendogli un "lavoro" in questa societa' Coop Capodarco � un esempio di azienda limpida ed onesta che aiuta il prossimo...
L'FLA non si fa ingannare da queste immagini di facciata, dietro il "volto d'angelo" di quest'azienda si nasconde la sofferenza di un numero impressionante di animali (conigli, galline, anatre...).
Abbiamo fatto visita all'allevamento di questi "benefattori", purtroppo non siamo riusciti a portare via tutti e nonostante sentiamo la felicita' nei nostri cuori per gli animali liberi, pensiamo ad altri (troppi!) ancora in gabbia.
Hanno trovato la libert� 8 conigli, 2 porcellini d'india ed una pernice. Non abbiamo potuto fare nulla per le galline, ma abbiamo avuto almeno la possibilita' di distruggere diverse decine di uova.
Abbiamo quindi lasciato un segno del nostro passaggio, rovinando una delle loro prigioni con la scritta "capodarco assassini", firmato FLA.
Abbiamo quindi lasciato questo ennesimo luogo di morte mascherato da "oasi felice" e siamo corsi via, ancora una volta, sotto le stelle.

Per la liberazione totale e contro la civilizzazione
F.L.A. (Fronte di liberazione Animale)
Roma 4 agosto 2007"

August 10, 2007 -- Cages Smashed, 3000 Rabbits Liberated

reported by activists in Italy:

"August 1st - Lomazzo (Como) - Italy

Newspaper articles report a raid on a rabbit farm called 'La Costa Butti Cantore Torri', breeding 12.000 animals for meat consumption. According to the article about 3.000 rabbits have been freed in the surrounding countryside after a group of animal rights activists gained access sawing the iron bars on the windows and smashing a lock on the inside door that opens on the woods.

The farmer says about 2.000 fattening rabbits have been freed along with 100 pregnant females and 1.000 youngsters, saying it was really professional work. The activists then smashed all the cages, causing the farm significant damage and creating a serious problem, because they do not know anymore where to put all the recaptured rabbits!

It seems a lot of them are still missing, and the overall damage is about 25.000 euros.

Spraypainted messages and threats have been found on place too."

July 27, 2007 -- Cages Cut Open, Pheasants Fly Away

reported by activists in Italy:

"Newspapers report another pheasant liberation in Italy:

During the night of monday the 23rd the pheasant farm 'Roncorone' in the town of Cant� (Como) has been subject to extensive damages to their fences, which led to about 2.000 pheasants flying away.
According to the owners of the farm 10 cages were damaged, with hundreds metres of fences cut open, both at their side and at their net 'roof.'
The damages are estimated at 150.000 euros.

The action has not been claimed but the owners of the farm suggest it could be the work of a group of environmentalists or animal rights activists."

July 23, 2007 -- Pheasant Liberation

reported by activists in Italy:

"July 19 - San Marco, Ravenna (Italy)
Newspapers report the liberation of 11.000 pheasants from a farm. Animal rights activists are suspected; 500 metres of fence around the farm was cut in order to let the animals escape."

July 21, 2007 -- 42 Hens Freed From Egg Farm

reported by activists in Italy:

"May 2007 - Rome - Italy
A communique along with a video sent to the italian magazine La Nemesi claims the liberation of 42 hens from battery cages. The long communique goes into detail about the suffering involved in the egg industry and how easy it is to gain access to most farms, even without leaving any trace, as these activists did."

The video can be seen here:

July 20, 2007 -- Doves Saved from Cruel Festival

anonymous report:

"May 24 - Orvieto (Italy)
An ALF communique claims the liberation of all the doves from a farm that supplies them for a barbaric holy festivity in the city of Orvieto. The "festival of the dove" in orvieto has always been subject to demos, marches and protests by animal rights groups and animal welfare groups in Italy, because a dove is subject to suffering and trauma in a "ritual" done by the church involving fireworks near the animal. This year it seems the liberation caused some problems to the organizers."

July 17, 2007 -- Thousands of Pheasants Fly Free

reported by activists in Italy:

"July 10th - Ugozzolo (Parma)

Newspapers report an ALF claimed action at 'Galeotta Nuova' pheasant farm in Ugozzolo, near the city of Parma. The fences closing the animals have been cut for more than 200 metres to let the animals fly away. It seems about 10.000 out of the 20.000 imprisoned by the farmer, Mr.Gino Ceci, have found their way out of the fences, even if sadly some of them went on the highway, too near the farm, and have been killed by cars.

The article mentions also 40 rabbits liberated from their cages, leaving all of them empty.

The farm reports damage estimated at 80.000 euros, including a gasoline tank completely emptied and spraypainted messages like 'Freedom for all' and 'you are going to close'. This is not the first action at the farm, including a couple liberations and an arson last winter, where a tractor and a hay shed were set on fire. The farmer says he cannot spend enough to secure the farm and is going to close it down. The 'Galeotta Nuova' pheasant farm is one of many in Italy used to breed animals to reintroduce them in the wild during hunting season."

July 7, 2007 -- Thousands of Pheasants Freed, Pet Shop Forced to Close

reported by activists in Italy:

"June 25 - Montecchio Emilia (RE) - Italy
Fronte Liberazione Animale claimed damaging fences and opening cages at a pheasant farm that imprison 5.000 animals. The communique says that it took them 2 hours to open all the fences and in the end they saw the animals flying away, followed by falling stars in the sky...

June 25 - Rome - Italy
200 stickers have been put on products derived from animal abuse or earth destroying companies in a big supermarket. the communique invites anyone to do similar simple actions to open people's eyes and damage products.

June 8 - Scandiano (RE) - Italy
A sign promoting a fur shop has been dismantled on a busy road and taken away. the activists claimed the action sending a picture of them 'jealously holding' this sign.

May 12 - Reggio Emilia - Italy
Two windows at Zoolandia pet shop are hammered and smashed. A following communique published on italian websites states that many more unreported actions took place in the last months against the Zoolandia chain, targeted by the Alf since january to force them not to sell live animals anymore. The same communiques also inform that one of the two Zoolandia shops in Reggio Emilia has finally closed forever and the one in Parma is going to sell their license soon. Six more Zoolandia shops are open in the Emilia Romagna region, and the fight against them will go on till the end."

April 24, 2007 -- Novartis, Zoolandia Targets

reported by activists in Italy:

march 23 - Milano (Italy)

Piria Carlo, on the board of directors of Novartis Farma, and Bertani Roberto, CEO of Novartis Consumer Health, had "the doors and walls of the posh buildings they live in covered with a lot of slogans", anonymous activists say. The communiqu� continues: "They both profit from animal abuse. Their life will never be the same again. Now it's payback time...
HLS will close down!".

April 4th - Montecchio Emilia, RE (Italy)

The local Zoolandia store has 3 windows smashed with stones just under their new security cameras. This action is dedicated to a cat called "Persi", one of the many this shop displayed in their windows and died short after because of the careless breeding and transport conditions.

April 14, 2007 -- 1 Night, 15 shops

"April 8th - Modena (Italy)
Newspapers report that 15 meat and fish shops have been damaged in the same night, spraypainting messages, gluing locks and throwing a lot of paint. Some owners of the shops say that damages are quite high and it will take a lot to clean the entrance of the shop."

April 1, 2007 -- Actelion, fur Shops Targeted

recent actions reported on Italian websites:
"February 27th - Imperia (Italy)

Anonymous activists claim dubbing with paint and spraypainting lots of slogans on the house of Maurizio Rainisio, "an influential person inside Actelion Pharmaceutical Italia", as they say.

On the same night a company called "GM Service", working for Actelion's database, had many spraypainted slogans on their office.
Actelion is an important customer for Huntingdon Life Sciences and the communiqu� claims activists will work to "remind Rainisio's conscience what is the best choice to do, stop giving contracts to HLS".

March 5th - Milano (Italy)

The office of Cassinis, a person that has interests in Actelion
Pharmaceuticals Italia and is giving this company a bureaucratical address, gets a stinking message: various litres of shit and water left on the door and a spraypainted message reading "Actelion dump HLS!"

March 21 - Milano (Italy)
The following fur shops had locks glued and slogans spraypainted on them:

Mec e Gregory's
Pellicceria Barbara
Pellicceria Cherichetti
Pietro Marchetti
F.L. Conti
Pellicceria R.V. Furs
Pellicceria Collini

March 31, 2007 - Circus Tents Damaged Beyond Repair

reported by activists in Italy:
"31st March - La Spezia (Italy)

On the night of march 31st newspapers report that the Moira Orfei circus has been damaged with spraypainted slogans on the tents, vans, entrance, trucks and cars. According to an interview with the owner of this circus, the most famous in Italy, damages have been very high because the tents once cleaned from the paint will loose the impermeabilization, so they will have to buy new ones. They say this simple raid will cost them about 50.000 euros."

March 22, 2007  One More Mink Farm Raided

reported by activists in Italy:

"March 20 - Savona (Italy)

According to newspapers and local tv a mink farm owned by Giuseppe Pisacane has been raided in the night, with about 600 minks liberated. No group claimed the action, which the farmer says has been a great damage to him. It seems that only 200 minks have been recaptured.

This is the 4th mink liberation in 2007 in Italy."

March 15, 2007 - Past Targets revisited, fur shop closing celebrated

reported anonymously:

"The last saturday of February we decided to go to Sanchez Pacheco street to wish a late happy new year to our old friends of this street. We didnt want to be impolite with people we have had great moments in the past.
Like previous visits we gave them the present of a big amount of glue in their locks. That they will find next monday.

During these same days we got information that other old friends of ours who own a fur shop on L�pez de Hoyos street (visited before with paint presents and glue) have decided to close, and now their business is a computer shop. A big sadness for us to know that we have contributed to their decision to give up and let the animals live...
To all people who practice direct action or who support it openly, cheers, hugs and take care."

"En esos mismos d�as nos enteramos que otros antiguos conocidos nuestros de una peleter�a de la calle L�pez de Hoyos, visitada con anterioridad en varias ocasiones con regalitos de pintura y sellador, han decidido cerrar, dejando el negocio a una tienda de inform�tica. Una aut�ntica pena haber colaborado en que esa gente decidiese largarse y dejar en paz a los animales...

A toda la gente que practica la acci�n directa o la apoya p�blicamente,
saludos, abrazos y cuidaos mucho.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"

March 15, 2007 - Lone activist paints meat shops

reported by activists in Italy:

"Today 8 of March at about 2:30 at night I went alone to spary paint the message "CARNE=CRIMEN" (Meat = Crime) in big letters on the walls of two meatshops and a chicken meat shop in Alcal� de Henares (Madrid).

For the freedom of our oppressed and enslaved brothers."

Spanish version:
"Hoy d�a 8 de Marzo a las 2:30 aprox. de la madrugada sal� en solitario para pintar el mensaje "CARNE=CRIMEN" bien grande en los muros de dos carnicer�as y una poller�a en Alcal� de Henares (Madrid).

Por la libertad de nuestros hermanos oprimidos y esclavizados."

reported by activists in Italy:

"March 10 - Jolanda di Savoia (Fe)
A fur farm owned by Giancarlo Giacometti has been raided during the night with about 1.000 minks freed."

reported by activists in Italy:

"february 21- Varedo (MI)
fur shop has locks glued and slogans spraypainted

february 20 - Paderno Dugnano (MI)
meat shop has locks glued and spraypainted messages on the entrance.

february - Ravenna
Small actions claimed against the proposed construction of a new zoo in the city.
-Leaflets have been posted on the walls around the office of Cristina
Amadori, naming and shaming her as the lawyer representing the company that wants to build this zoo.
-a banner has been hanged on a bridge."

March 9, 2007 Actions Continue against Zoolandia

reported by activists in Italy:

"The actions against the Zoolandia chain of shops selling live pets didn't stop and many more have been claimed:

23 All Zoolandia shops receive a letter explaining the serious intentions of the Alf

24 Reggio Emilia - Many spikes for tyres left in the parking of the shop

25 Parma - A lot of items silently damaged inside the shop during opening hours

5 Reggio Emilia - The shop has locks glued

5 Montecchio Emilia - Locks and mailbox glued

6 Parma - Locks glued, alarm glued and spraypainted messages left on the entrance

10 Sassuolo - Locks glued and 2 litres of red paint on the entrance

10 Carpi - Locks glued and 4 windows etched

10 Reggio Emilia - 7 windows smashed with stones

19 Reggio Emilia - Neighbours of Yuri Grazioli, owner of the local
Zoolandia shop, receive a letter stating that he is a paedophile

5 - Yuri Grazioli receives a letter with razor blades explaining him about the letter sent to his neighbours and inviting him to stop selling pets."

March 4, 2007 recent actions

reported by activists in Italy:

"february 21- Varedo (MI)
fur shop has locks glued and slogans spraypainted

february 20 - Paderno Dugnano (MI)
meat shop has locks glued and spraypainted messages on the entrance.

february - Ravenna
Small actions claimed against the proposed construction of a new zoo in the city.
-Leaflets have been posted on the walls around the office of Cristina
Amadori, naming and shaming her as the lawyer representing the company that wants to build this zoo.
-a banner has been hanged on a bridge."

feb 26, 2007 Stink bombs, broken windows at fur stores

reported by activists in Italy:

"february 14th - Milano
Anonymous activists claimed multiple actions against the fur industry in one night: 8 fur shops had different damages like locks glued, windows smashed and paint thrown on their entrances.
Also a Upim department store had a sign smashed.

february 21st - Torino
During the afternoon stink bombs were left inside the Rinascente
department store, that along with Upim is under heavy pressure for the sale of fur and fur trims. According to the anonymous communique the second floor was evacuated."

Feb 18, 07 Pet store attacked

Media in Italy reported an ALF attack on a Zoolandia shop in Piacenza. Zoolandia is a chain of pet shops; the ALF in Italy have started a campaign to make them stop.

On February 14, the store's windows and entrance were covered in red paint and ALF graffiti was left behind.

Feb 15, 2007 Bottles of pain thrown on fur shop

reported by activists in Italy:

"Monza (MI) - february 8
Anonymous claims on the net report an action on february 8th at 'Berra' fur production shop: 2 bottles of paint thrown on the shop, graffiti left on place and leaflets explaining the reason for the action on cars and in letterboxes nearby."

reported by activists in Italy:

"February 1st 2007 Freedom for hundreds of mink

A mink farm in Borgoforte (MN) has been attacked by the Alf with a portion of fences cut and all cages opened. As a result about 3.000 minks have been freed. Newspapers report how the farmer was alerted quite soon by the geese he has in his garden and came out during the night, so that most of the mink have been recaptured. But 700-800 are missing and the damage is quite big, with years of breeding information lost. This farm has been already hit in april 2005."

January 28, 2007 2,000 mink released

reported by activists in Italy:

"According to newspapers on the night of january the 27th 2.000 minks have been liberated at a fur farm in Sabbioncello San Vittore (Ferrara). There is no name of the farm in the article but in this town there is a small fur farm that has been already hit with two liberations in the last two years."

January 28, 2007 Action reports

reported by activists in Italy:

13 - Emilia Romagna
An AIA meat company van has all its tyres slashed. The action is dedicated to prisoner Costantino Ragusa.

22 - Milano
Two Upim stores are attacked in the night against their sale of fur trim. One has red paint thrown on the entrance, the other spraypainted messages and a stone on the windows.

22 Muggiò (Milano)
Sartorius, an important supplier for HLS, gets a night visit with locks
glued, paint thrown on a wall and a sign smashed at their offices."

January 28, 2007 ALF vs Zoolandia

reported by activists in Italy:

"The italian ALF decided to start their own campaign to force a company with 8 shops to stop the sale of live animals as pets or as food for snakes. This company is called Zoolandia and is based in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. In two separate communiques ALF units claimed various actions against Zoolandia shops as a start of the campaign, which they vowed to continue as long as Zoolandia doesn't quit the pet market.
Here is a full list of the actions claimed:

31 - Sassuolo (MO) - bricks thrown at windows.

31 - Reggio Emilia - paint bombs at the entrance of one shop, van damaged at the other shop of the city (windows smashed, tyres slashed, paint on one side).

31 - Parma - Stones and bricks at the windows, paint on the entrance.

4 - Carpi (MO) - 4 hamsters stolen during opening hours.

5 - Sassuolo - 4 turtles stolen during opening hours.

6 - Sassuolo - Two locks glued and paint bombs on the entrance.

6 - Carpi (MO) - Locks glued.

11 - Piacenza - Locks glued.

12 - Piacenza - 15 big pressurized bags of feed ruined during opening hours.

15 - Piacenza - A bucket full of shit mixed with red paint thrown on the entrance, the windows and the front pavement of the shop. Local newspapers reported this last action saying the shop didn't open for the day.

20 - Piacenza and Carpi - Bomb hoax with phone call at both shops.

For those willing to express their views on the pet trade the ALF also gave some e-mails and phone numbers to use:"

January 20, 2007 Arson at Pheasant farm

anonymous communique received by activists in Italy:

"In the night of december 21st two devices with gasoline have been left and ignited at the pheasant farm visible from the A1 highway in Parma; one in the shed containing hay and the other in the shed with a tractor. We hope this is the last necessary act to close down this farm.

Italian communique:
"La notte del 21 dicembre nell'allevamento di fagiani visibile
dall'autostrada A1 all'altezza di Parma sono state posizionate ed
innescate 2 taniche contenenti liquido infiammabile; una nel capanno
contenente il fieno, l'altra in quello contenente il trattore.
Speriamo che questo sia l'ultimo gesto necessario per la chiusura


January 10, 2007 Activists graffiti homes of HLS customer execs

reported by activists in Italy:

"January 3 - Milano
Salvatore Giugni, one of the managers at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Italy, has his house spraypainted with graffiti connecting him and his company to the murder of animals inside HLS. Actelion is one of the main customers of this lab, the communique says, and activists decided to target all those responsible for the suffering inside this lab until they make a clear decision.

December 24 - Bergamo
Anonymous activists decide to visit Fabio Gironi, one of the managers at Sartorius Italy, on Christmas night. While he was having a dinner with all his relatives and friends, activists say in their communique, they spraypainted his house and all the street with graffiti against vivisection and Sartorius being linked to animal killers at HLS.

December 23 - Milano
One shop of La Rinascente department store has all locks glued, paint thrown on all their main windows and graffiti against the sale of fur on many sides of the building. La Rinascente is under a heavy and growing campaign against their continued sale of fur and fur trims."

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