June 15, 2005
Freedom for minks - Close down - ALF

Received by the AIP campaign:

"On 16-03-2005 we entered the Agricola Casilina mink farm to give the animals back to Mother Earth.

Although we know that the future out of the cages for many of them will have the sign of a tread, wich is the difference with the hands of the farmer? We come armed of optimism, and even if only one of them would be thanking us for diving into a river, some sweat would be worth. The farm of Tonino Sbardella is situated in via dei Visoni (mink road) in San Cesareo - Rome - and it is a place guarded by a couple Pitbulls and a peaceful Husky. In the farm you can find, divided by fences, on one side the storing room, feed store, refrigerators (you can recognise them by the sound of the fans) and the guard dogs; on the other side 25 sheds with mink cages.

During our recoinaissance we had checked that no alarms were there, entering every shed. Then we chose the position of our lookout: from the hill his stare could have easily detected cars on the road, but most of all those that could have eventually stopped at the farm gate. A good lookout is a guarantee for a good work: when you need to concentrate to tear up fences his work is to give you the necessary calm.

Overalls, balaclavas, hard gloves, wire cutters, radios: all we needed for a liberation. Backpack on, a good place to park the car and off we go on the war-path.

Only half of the mink sheds in the farm were full of animals, for a total of about 2.000 male breeders and pregnant females. In the end, counting the preparation (cutting off fences) and the execution (running in the sheds to open the cages) we stayed there about 45 minutes. All around us the animals were running and jumping. Hundreds shining eyes were forming the festive ground of our night. We left the spraypainted phrase: Freedom for minks - Close down - ALF"