Liberation is Sweet!!

The photos from the ALF raided vivisection breeding establishment in Italy when 128 beagles were liberated, destined for experimentation. The farm is called "Stefano Morini" in San Polo D'enza, Reggio Emilia, Bologna. The photos are from inside the Morini farm. This is the reality.......

Fonto Fronte Liberazione Animale foto fla

About 118 puppies and 10 adult dogs were liberated by the ALF, who then proceeded to spray paint surrounding walls with the words "Murderers" and "The ALF will free all".

After this action, the following occurred........

December 19th, Modena (Italy)
The ALF liberates 5 beagles

On December the 19th The ALF entered the house of a doghouse volunteer in Modena to liberate 5 beagle puppies that risked being sent to a lab animal farm. These 5 beagle puppies had been found on November 30th near a doghouse in Modena. Someone called the police, thinking these young beagles could be beagles liberated on November 21th from Morini farm, a notorious lab breeder in Italy. These 5 dogs had no tattoo's, so the judge ordered a DNA analysis, to find out if they had come from the Morini farm. The dogs were waiting this analysis, that could bring them to the Morini hellhole, and were being kept at the house of a doghouse volunteer. On the night of the 19th someone entered the house through a window, took away the dogs and spray painted "Sorry, ALF".