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Emergency help to a wild animal in Japan

January 1, 2008

Emergency help to a wild animal in Japan

Presently, in the Japanese Shimane prefecture Chibu village island the government office of the island were exterminate the raccoon dog which propagates via hunting friend meeting (clubbing to death). Already, it is assumed that 12 were killed, but the number of accurate heads is unclear. By the government office, the schedule which reopens the raccoon dog extermination will be the year opening January 4th 2008. Approximately in the island 3000 raccoon dogs are live in the island, it is the plan that this time will exterminates 300 heads. But in the first place the government office that the raccoon dog will be designated as sight-seeing specialty of the island, could point to propagation, when it became too many, that damage appeared in agricultural products. This is the only reason of extermination of the raccoon dog. The population of this island is 735 people in 378 householders and all balances and determinations are is very much a village headman of the island call MASAMI KAGEHARA the island chief. The animal protection groups are conducting to obstruct this movement in December 2007, but it has not been solve. We would very much appreciate if we can have your opinion or suggestion to this cruelty event and to emerge this problem now.

I thank you again and I am very keen to receive your reply.

Sincerely yours,

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