Hello. My name is Kei Fukushima. I�m Japanese and a part of Vegetarian parade Osaka committee.

I am sending this email to let you know that we are organizing the first vegetarian parade in Osaka Japan on the 6th of October 2011.

We are looking for some groups, societies, shops, companies and others which could support us by letting us use your link on our web site.

If you can support us please reply to us with your web site�s banner and web address.

We would recommend your site to the visiting public, which support vegetarians/vegans, and would like to promote shops, groups, companies which support good causes for animals, environment and people.

Please support us succeed, in this first time vegetarian parade in Osaka.

The reason why we are organizing this parade is that we would like to inform and raise awareness, about vegetarianism/veganism and the health benefits associated with vegan diet and saving environmental resources like water, land, food also bringing attention to welfare/rights of all the animals in the world.
Japanese people are not aware of the suffering & cruelty that goes with meat consumption or health benefits vegetarian/vegan food offers. Therefore Vegetarian/vegan food is not well known in Japan.

Unfortunately Japan is quite far behind animal welfare/rights, environmental health & general knowledge of these issues.

We would like to break the cycle of meat consumption and animal products and the suffering inflicted on our dear friends.

The parade would be for everyone. Everyone is welcome.

We would like everyone to have a good day while raising awareness that stays with them through their life!

Also, if you know any friends and/or family living in Osaka area, Please let them know about the parade.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards
Kei Fukushima
★Vegetarian Parade Osaka★

Photos of last year (About 100 people joined and considering the city size, this is quite big)

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