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Japan writers' club concerned about 'The Cove' cancellations

Japan writers' club concerned about 'The Cove' cancellations
Jun 15, 2010

TOKYO, June 15 (AP) - (Kyodo) - The Japan P.E.N. Club, a leading writers' association, expressed concern Tuesday over recent cancellations of screenings of the documentary "The Cove" that criticizes dolphin killings in Japan. "A situation which is regrettable for freedom of speech and expression has been gradually spreading," the club said in a statement issued by President Takashi Atoda.

"We want public facilities including theaters and universities not to yield to pressure and to make more efforts to provide opportunities for the screening (of the film)," the statement said.

"The Cove" has drawn criticism from some Japanese groups who claim it is anti-Japanese and who have been intimidating theaters planning to show it, leading three of them in Tokyo and Osaka as well as universities in Tokyo to cancel their screenings.

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