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Near-naked anti-fur girls strut their stuff in Shibuya

A foxy lady, bunny girl and cat woman draw attention to animal cruelty By Robert Michael Poole 21 February, 2011

Clad in bikinis with fake fur, members of an anti-fur group demonstrate in Shibuya.

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Visitors to Shibuya on Sunday morning were mostly wrapped up for the winter cold. But there were three exceptions.

Wearing little more than sexy bikinis, three young women carried placards with horrific images of animal cruelty. This was the latest publicity stunt by non-profit organization the Animal Rights Center Japan

The ARCJ has previously organized marches by hundreds of locals through Tokyo's fashionable districts of Harajuku, Omotesando and Shibuya -- though usually in warmer months.

The girls, known as the Pretty Inside Angels (PIA), came dressed as a fox, rabbit and cat, holding messages such as "Real love is more important than real fur."

PIA -- Eri, Mayu and Airi -- have started their own twitter in an attempt to reach out to the Shibuya youth.

The ARCJ also has a website specifically dedicated to the no-fur campaign,, which aims to educate Japan's fashion conscious on the possible origin of some of their clothes. 

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