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Large Animal Testing Lab in Japan

About Takeda�s �biggest animal testing lab in Japan�

- It opened officially on 19/02/2011
- It is now the largest active site for animal testing in the world.
- There are 1200 are scientist with 800 laboratory assistants
- There are 15 main buildings, of which 7 are animal test labs.
- The floor space available for storing animals is about 100.000m2
- If, for example, there are 5 mice per m2, there is enough space to store 500.000 mice.
- They are using mice, monkeys, dogs, rabbits and other animals, but actual numbers are being kept secret.
- Their target is to create new medicine against dangerous diseases.
- To do this they experiment on animals with �Biohazard Level 3� bacteria.- Due to massive complaints, the large oven in front of the is not being used, instead they are (for now) letting another company burn the dead animals.
- The reason for the complaints were concerns of human welfare in such a crowded residential area when burning the virus deceased animals in huge numbers.
- Relocation of the burning process doesn�t help the animals!
- Many also complain about that, even biohazard level3 testing is announced, a lot of information and details is being withheld from the public.
- Information about 'which' diseases they are actually testing, is not being released to the public.

The biggest animal testing lab in Japan!!! see it, and help this girl voice against this lab

message from FB by: Tomoko Takagi

Hello! I'm Tomoko from Japan. In Japan, the biggest animal testing lab will be built in the world at... the residential area. Next Tokyo. Yellow words in the picture are animal testing rooms. About 1t/ a day, the animals will be burned. 1t/ a day!!! In Japan, there is not the law about the animal testing. At this company or other companies, universities, they can do that they want to do. How do you think? I want to do something. Please help me and my friends, help animals.... 


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