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Dog Rescue Organizers in Busan, Korea

I am a volunteer myself helping all the dog rescue organizations here in Busan. We have been fighting against the dog meat market here in Busan and the talk had been on-going and it is about time for us to show something, at least a US based organization is behind us. We work closely with and you can view some of the dog market there. We just need your presence, a white caucasian male, (preferably male because most Korean men in this region have no respect for women) to be present here with us when we negotiate with the meat sellers/restaurants. I know it is difficult, due to the distance and being unable to pay for the expenses of a potential volunteer. But I am sure there must be an angel who could afford the trip to Korea. I am also contacting Animal Welfare Trust to sponsor the trip. I can say that your presence would definitely strengthen our peaceful fight. I would appreciate if you could circulate this who might be interested.

Thank you.
Look forward to hearing your reply.
Nami Kim
Dog Whisperer
International Coordinator, Busan office
Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
487-33 Sujeong-dong,
Dong-ku, Busan City, South Korea
82+ 051-817 0993
82+ 10 3297 -3200

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