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Eating Dogs in South Korea

Watch the video about S. Korea's dog consumption :

This dog probably followed his owner wagging his tail thinking that he is being taken out for a walk. However that walk was walk of death and when the informer found out about it and followed him to the mountain it was too late.

 This animal abuser was reported to 112(Crime reporting number) but he was released immediately by the police and as if he is trying to upset the informer, he burned the dog with a portable gas torch. When the informer reported this scene again, the police left the scene stating that same crime can't be punished twice. Therefore, KAWA (Korea Animal Welfare Association) has submitted a bill of indictment to the Gyeonggido-Province, Kwangju police again.

 English Caption: Heartless dog slaughter.

 S. Korea seeks to promote their culture worldwide. However, this is the core of their culture. We won't call the dog eating barbaric. However, killing a dog that was following you around with his tail wagging, without any reservation is barbaric. As long as S. Korea that prides itself as a nation of culture insists on a double standard that ignores the world's universal culture by closing their eyes and ears, legalization of dog meat consumption can't prevent this reality. The only solution is to 'Ban the Dog Slaughter/Consumption'. Sign the petitions:

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