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Animal Story of KAPS

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kaps wrote the post
Bingle’s Diary #12 – Volunteers in Boeun Shelter in April

Emma and Anna, and a team from Daegu. A volunteer team came with foreign volunteer Michelle in Boeun.

Cats and Volunteers

Daegu volunteers, Anna, Ace and Kaitlin

Anna wants to sleep with cats.

Chun Shu(left) and Melissa in the cat room.

Feeding water to dogs at Bochong Reservoir.

In fact, it is a little long way to take a walk from Boeun Shelter to the reservoir. So, volunteers go down to reservoir to feed water to thirsty dogs.

Bochong Reservoir is wide and deep and clean. Everybody is feeding water to dogs carefully.

Oh, 'Kanghee' finally went into the water.

Look at the expression of 'Kanghee' Kanghee looks like feeling good With half of the body soaked in water.


Kanghee is almost ready for swimming.


Coming up after drinking water, all are resting from their fatigue caused by walking with volunteers. ~

Walking in the Forest to Bochung Reservoir

Emma and Yomsoon

Volunteer Carmen and Chungsil

Melissa and 'Chungkang'(front). Jocelyn and 'Boseong'(back)

Volunteer Holly with Boseong. Volunteer Michele with Chungha. Volunteer Michelle with Chungdong.

Volunteer team of Michelle living in Boeun Town and big dogs.

Volunteers and dogs walking along the path between thick pampas grasses look nice.

Boree is coming in loneliness with any volunteer or friend.

Volunteer Ace with Chungbo; Kaitlin with Sink; Anna with Boram; and Calmen and Chungsil. Kan is coming with a smiling face for something he likes.

Anna with Boram, and Carmen with Chungsil in a tunnel under an expressway.

Volunteers and our friends are coming in a single file through piles of weeds completely dried during the winter.

Ace and Chugbo at the esplanade of Bochong Reservoir.

Kaitline and Sink

Volunteer Anna on the left and Emma on the right are taking a walk with Yomsoon, Daekyon and Boree who don’t need dog leads.

Volunteer Chun Shu with 'Dunggle' and Melissa with Chungsong. we can see Daekyon backword

Volunteer Ace and Chongbo.

Upon return from walking, our friends are drinking water, eating food and taking a rest here and there with volunteers.

I met a dog brought by a villager. The dog is small and pretty, but not my style.

I have already eaten much, but I am eating more as I wanted to eat when I saw other friends eating deliciously.

Emma who is a volunteer and also trained Yomsoon asked me “Bingle, why didn’t you come along with us for walking?” I said, “I really wanted to go too, but I didn’t because Sunnan didn’t go. I prefer being with Sunnan.”

Volunteer Melissa, Kilsong, Gotnim in Melissa’s arms, and Heenja.

volunteer Michele and Boyoung.

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