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Korean ARA Newsletter #15 - March 2010
Hi everyone,
March was a month of bad news, including a fire and a crazy government initiative that will create future problems for us ...

Fire Kills 130 Animals at Buchon Shelter

We are very sad to report that a fire at the Buchon Miracle Shelter has killed around 130 dogs and cats.
This is a shelter many people, including KARA, have been supporting with donations and aid. The cause of it and the whereabouts of the manager are unknown ... more
A memorial service for the victims was held in Seoul ... more

Korean Government Puppy Mills

In a move that has astounding animal rights groups in Korea, the Korean government has launched a government backed puppy mill operation ... more
We have protested this bizarre and irresponsible action, and we have sought clarification of the logic behind it, but only get standard issue replies ... more

KARA Volunteers Clean Up Maseok Shelter

In contrast to the bad news of a shelter fire and government backed puppy mills, KARA volunteers spent at day at aseok Shelter helping out.
' As far as shelters go, it's barely adequate, but it does give a home for dogs that would be worse off without it ... more

Attempted Rescue of Namhan Mountain Strays

Typically, many Koreans abandon their dogs in the mountains. Some dogs survive, others are trapped and killed, and others end up in shelters. amhan Mountain east of Seoul is a large mountainous area where many dogs are abandoned.

Some KARA members tried to rescue several of these dogs before they were killed. But there are days when things just don't go right ... more

KARA Member's Letter Against Free Trade Agreement

Fed up with the slaughter of companion animals in Korea, one KARA member sent a letter asking the Obama Administration to reject the South Korean Free Trade Agreement.

We thought you might like to read it as an example of the campaign direction groups are taking to alert the world of the Korean government's corruption and failure to address animal welfare issues ... more

Anti-Dog Meat Petition Ongoing

At the time of writing, United Dogs' online petition against Korea's dog meat industry has surpassed the 400,000 mark! This is a great achievement, but the ambitious aim of a million signatures is still a long way off.f.

If you haven't signed already, head on over and sign the petition. If you need to, you can see different language versions of the page using its top-right drop down list. Please tell your friends!

Internet Explorer is now working for the Korean page ... But if you still have problems, use Firefox.

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