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KARA Newsletter - June 2010

KARA's new office was officially opened in June and staff were busy helping needy shelters.

Korean Government Buries Animals Alive

Just about every year disease strikes various Korean farms and culls are the result. Some are well documented, such as this massive chicken cull and others. So for many years, it has been known that the government buries animals alive, yet protests have been ignored. But animal rights groups are gathering more evidence and stepping up their fight against it ... more

Whale Poachers Caught Off Ulsan Coast

While there is still a loop-hole that allows fishermen to claim a whale kill as "by-catch," it is illegal to hunt whales in Korea and authorities monitor illegal whaling activities very closely. So even though the government disappoints on many animal issues, it is diligent in prosecuting whale hunters and proved this again recently ... more

This Month's Shelter News

Shelters regularly ask KARA for help and this month Namyangju Shelter put out a distress call. It wasn't for food this time but for medicines. The shelter has suffered an outbreak of flu that has left many of the dogs sick and without energy ... more

Drunken Woman Kills Neighbor's Cat

Last year there was a case of a drunken woman killing a stray dog. Now a similar case has emerged to the disgust of people around Korea. This time a drunken woman killed her neighbor's cat. Part of the incident was caught on CCTV ... more

Three Dog Night

This little anecdote about a typical company hiking trip illustrates what goes on out there in corporate Korea and what is accepted in Korean society. As in many countries, special occasions in Korea are characterized by a lot of meat eating, and the company hiking trip was no exception. But the meat laid on was dog ... more

KARA's New Office Officially Open

Everything has finally been moved and the new office up and running. In the first week, a dog had moved in as well, a temporary resident who had nowhere else to go. One night, soon after the office opened, a few members got together to celebrate ... more

Anti-Dog Meat Petition Still Going

At the time of writing, United Dogs' online petition against Korea's dog meat industry has surpassed the 452,000 mark! This is a great achievement, but the ambitious aim of a million signatures is still a long way off. If you haven't signed already, head on over and sign the petition. If you need to, you can see different language versions of the page using its top-right drop down list. Please tell your friends!

This Month's Net Highlights

Who would have thought we'd ever see adverts showing that some meat products are as bad as cigarette smoking! Here's more from the the Cancer Project.

Besides the fact that whaling is barbaric, here's another reason why whales should not be hunted: whale poo carbon removal!

This site has a stunning set of 161 images, many featuring cute baby animals.

You would think organic eggs were safe to eat, but not all eggs are equal in terms of how they are processed after being laid.

We are in the midst of the sixth greatest mass extinction in Earth's history. Currently, around an 8th of the world's birds are endangered.

South Africa is famous for the World Cup right now, but the country is increasingly becoming infamous for disgraceful and cowardly canned hunts.

Humans are not the only species capable of amazing dexterity and pole spinning prowess, as proven by this amazing Kung Fu bear.

The UN has once again advocated a vegan diet as a means of saving the world from hunger and the worst affects of climate change.

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