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South Korean Dog Meat Supplier - May 2016

Nami Kim Team Rescues from Bucheon Dog Farm - Feb 2016

ARAs Assaulted At Dog Meat Restaurant - July 2015

Korean Beagle Rescue - April 2015

Why did the Busan Bukbu Office of Education change their position regarding the Gupo Dog Meat Market? - March 2015

KARA wants the Moran market closed - Jan 2015

Dog Rescue Organizers in Busan, Korea - March 2014

[South Korea] Busan KAPCA working hard to close down dog-slaughtering at Gupo Marke - December 2013

Korea Animal Protection Act Proposed - October 2013

If you know it, you won't be able to eat it� cruel and unsanitary dog slaughter - Sept 2013

Release of undercover videos into the South Korean dog meat industry - August 2013

New Documentar​y- Boshintag: South Korea's Shockingly Cruel Dog Meat Industry - July 2013

'Penalties for animal cruelty' strengthened ​-Amendment to animal protection law passed - July 2013

S. Korea animal group offers $3,500 reward to catch people behind burning dogs - January 2013

Pet Dogs Abandoned and Sold by Owners for Korean Meat Market - 12/12

Video - Korea's Dog Meat Trade - Breaking the Myths: Dog Meat Good for Health? - August 2012

South Korea: Jail Time for ARA So-Youn Park - August 2012

Eating Dogs in South Korea - August 2012

Video about Moran Market, Korea's Cruel Dog Trade - July 2012

Dogs transported from Jeju Island--only 2 were rescued - July 2012

South Korea Scraps Whaling Plans - July 2012

S. Korea just registered their Jindo Dog as a livestock - June 2012

Dog's Death Shines Light on Animal Laws - April 2012

S. Korea's Cruel and Gruesome Dog Meat Industry - February 2012

Inconvenient Truth about Dog Meat - January 2012

Korea AR charities welcome crackdown on cruelty - July 2011

South Korea Dog meat festival cancelled - June 2011

Fendi Forced To Remove Fur From Seoul Show - May 2011

Korea Cull Stats, Feb 2011

S. Korean livestock culling takes emotional toll on farmers - Feb 2011

South Korea Buries One Million Pigs Alive - January 2011

S Korea activists use G20 to highlight bear farms - November 2010

S. Korea to Toughen Punishment for Animal Abusers - August 2010

Demo Vs. Dog-Meat - Seoul - July 2010

Korea Animal Rights Actions - June 2010

Important Update On South Korean Dog And Cat Meat Trade - May 2010

Korean ARA Newsletter #15 - March 2010

KARA, November 2009 Newsletter

KAPS.htm; KAPS vs Dogmeat; KAPS-volunteers; KAPS-children

Korean's Protest Dog Eating - July 2009

Legal Barbecued Dogmeat - October 2008

ARs Protested Against Fur Use - September 2008

About Dog Meat, August 2008

Korea's revision of animal protection law in 15years - July 2007

Korean Dog Farms - May 2007, investigation

ARs vs Dog Meat - January 2007

Restaurants - Vegetarian restaurants in Korea

Law Changes in 2008 - January 2007

Dog Slaughterhouse Art - July 2006

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