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South Korean Dog Meat Supplier

i just saw a video of a dog meat supplier of South Korean. The conditions there is horrible. seeing around 1000 dogs there is that state is unimaginable. there was also a dog in a cage with puppies in it n may be few hr later that mother may be killed in front to her babies who knows, and you know one thing I noticed there, many of the dog there were actually health and were of good breed, if they are rescued I assure you they will get amazing homes. That is the thing which fascinated me. I mean honestly speaking more than half of the dogs were of very nice breed like German shepherd, Labrador, pug, and many more.  I am a student in of class 12th in India and sitting here I can hardly do anything I just thought by informing you people may be something will happen you guys are the first thing that came to my mind after watching that video. I hope some steps will be taken by you all.

link of the video-

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