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S. Korea's Cruel and Gruesome Dog Meat Industry

This is a must watch video that shows the cruel reality of dogs in S. Korea's dog meat industry. This must be stopped. Please share! Thank you.

Moran Market (Traditional Outdoor Market) in Seongnam-city, Kyunggido-province, South Korea. This video exposes the horrific reality of dogs and cats being sacrificed as meat by double standard that categorize some dogs as meat dogs and some dogs as pet dogs. Contents include,
1. Meat dogs waiting for their horrible death
2. Dogs and cats being sold in this traditional outdoor market
3. Purebred former pet dogs being sacrificed as meat.
4. Yellow dog exhausted from the scorching heat being dragged to his death.
Produced by animalkorea (Korean Society for Animal Freedom 동물자유연대 KAWA)


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