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Infamous "Dog Slaughterhouse" Performance

Infamous "Dog Slaughterhouse" Depicted in Performance Art

It's Wednesday afternoon in Insa-dong, Seoul. A dog made of paper is hanging down from a hook by its neck. Those playing the butcher role, slice open the dog's abdomen with a hook. The internal organs slide out. The dog is then thrown into a pile of other dead dogs in the corner. Next to that, an owner is kicking his dog. The dog whimpers from the pain, but the owner continues his abuse. There were a lot of people standing by gawking, but no one tried to stop it. All of the sudden, the butcher said something.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is in this manner that dogs are being killed at the Moran Market." This performance, brought to us by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates, is titled, "4214 Seongnam-dong, Joongwon-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province." The performance name is the address of Korea's largest dog meat marketplace, the Moran Market.

Performers portray the abuse of dogs at an event against dog eating organized by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates in Insa-dong, Seoul on Wednesday./Guest reporter Oh Jong-chan

Visual artist Chung Hye-seung, who put together the performance said, "The brutal abuse perpetrated against dogs at the Moran Market is not a (part of Korean) tradition, but is nothing more than cold-hearted violence," adding, "This evil practice must disappear." KARA's Yoon Moon-shin says, "In other countries, the name that first comes up as the worst example of canine abuse is the slaughterhouse Moran Market," adding, "It is sad that Korea, which essentially loves dogs, has become known internationally for using dogs as food."

Along with the performance was a series of photographs showing the true conditions in which the animals are kept. One picture showed a dog looking at another dog that was already dead with an electric wire around its neck. Lee Jeong-soo, a passerby who caught the performance said, "Actually seeing the way that dogs suffer -- it's horrible," adding, "I already don't eat dog meat, but now there's no way that I'm going to." The performance finished with a dance titled, "seeking forgiveness." KARA plans to send petition cards filled out by people at the performance along with a written request to close the Moran market to the city officials of Seongnam on Thursday.



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