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kaps wrote the post
Swedish SVT Broadcasting Station Visits KAPS Boeun Shelter for an Interview.

On 16 April 2009, Swedish Broadcasting Station (SVT) visited Boeun Shelter for an interview on animal cruelty and legal issues related to consumption of dogs and cats in Korea.


Q&A generally asked by foreign reporters (the interviewed countries so far:  England, Italy, Netherland, Swiss, Japan, Australia, Sweden, United States, etc.):

Q: Why do you oppose dog consumption practice?

A: Dog is human’s most intimate animal but they are not protected in Korea, therefore animals including cats and other animals, such as wild animals and livestock are abused as dogs in our country.  If we ever started protecting dogs well earlier, our country should have become an animal-protecting country just as good as any developed countries.  Since abuse of animal is causing social violence, animal protection must be carried out starting from dogs.  

Q: How about classify dogs into pets and edible dogs?

A: That is just another way of rationalizing the legalization of consuming dogs. All over the world, dogs and cats are regarded as companion animals. Pro dog eaters argue dogs can be divided so that dog meat consumption could be more acceptable to people in general.

Q: Why do you eat cattle, pigs and chickens?

A: All animals should be protected without discrimination.  However, it is our obligation and priority to protect dogs first since they are most intimate to human beings.  What we are trying to do is protecting dogs which are most familiar and friendly to us.  Other animals are not protected since we have been senseless to dogs.  

As a person respecting all lives from insects to human beings, I also respect lives of cattle, pigs and chickens. During the course of killing and eating animals weaker than human being without discretion, especially livestock have become victims and eaten by human being without feeling guilty on those animals. Especially pro dog eaters are far less responding to animal cruelty. So, it means their conscience is benumbed if they talk about cattle, pigs or chickens as if they care for them.

Q: Dog meat is illegal, then among dog meat eaters, restaurants, slaughterers and dog farm owners, who receives punishment? 

A: No one receives punishment.  The government or police does not want to punish them, and related law has not been properly established. 

(1) Dogs and cats are not included in 12 specified animals as livestock (cattle, pig, chicken, pheasant, duck, goose, sheep, goat, turkey, hare, horse & deer) that are authorized for slaughter to produce stock farm products in Livestock Processing Act of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

(2) In the Food Sanitation Act of Ministry of Health and Welfare, dog and cat meat is not included in meat that can be used for food (consumable meat: beef, pork, mutton, goat meat, hare meat, horse meat, venison, chicken, pheasant meat, duck meat, goose meat, turkey, quail).

So that eating dogs and cats is illegal; however, we cannot file a complaint against them because there is no article on punishment.

Q: How do you feel when animal is abused?

A: My heart aches.  I urge people who are indifferent or abusing animals to put them in animals’ position and think about them.   

Q: Tell me how big dogs were admitted?

A: There is no such big dog in our country.  People imported and buy foreign breeds out of vanity, then they are faced with difficulties with small space, shedding hair, skin disease etc.  Breed dogs are turned over to dog meat traders or abandoned.  Such dogs are caught by dog meat traders, or if lucky, some are rescued by KAPS and admitted to here in Boeun Shelter. 

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