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wolf hunt in Latvia is a sick joke

from janka konteksts

Dec 18, 2010

Dear EC,

I'd like to ask why the Soviet Hunter lobby in Latvia is allowed to apply maximum hunting load against wolves who are Protected Species??? I mean, it's obvious from research that wolf population in Latvia can not reproduce sufficiently under such hunting load, and Latvia's wolf population is kept at 500-600 members only due to wolves who come to Latvia from Russia or Belarus. Isn't it a sick joke if Protected Animal must endure maximal hunting load so Soviet hunters (majority of Latvia's hunters are middle age so they have Soviet mentality that wolf is a pest who must be annihilated by any means necessary) can get brutal kicks from sports hunting?

It is simply wrong to force Top Predator to live in extreme fear - such existence is unnatural for a wolf.

EU Protected Species is a wolf, not Soviet hunter who just wants to get his perverse joy - so it follows that herbivore populations are for wolf and lynx population consumption not for hunters to get their 'trophies' (like colonists were proud if they've got scalps from local people) and photo opportunities.

As Soviet hunters understand only force I think it would be only prudent if EC would use its sanctions.

All that "hunters' care" about cattle / biodiversity etc. is just plain nonsense - hunters are the ones who don't allow the Nature to balance predator-prey numbers and artificially high herbivore numbers cause damage for farmers and car crashes + hunters shoot each other during hunt every year ( it's called 'accident' ) - I mean, they are so obsessed to kill an animal that they just don't care if they shoot their fellow hunter.


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